Mary Kom Never Say Die Questions & Answers

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Mary Kom Never Say Die Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) “l promised myself and I proved myself,” says Mary Kom. How did she prove herself?

i. by playing and defeating men
ii. by being a successful and famous sports person
iii. by looking after her family and her career
iv. by playing a sport that people thought was for men

(b) What were the two difficulties that Mary Kom faced?

i. being poor and diminutive
ii. being a woman and from a village
iii. being physically disabled and poor
iv. being unwell and uneducated

(c) What is Mary Kom’s advice to women?

i. to play sports and aspire to win
ii. to sacrifice their careers for their family
iii. to be more self-confident
iv. all of the above

Question 2: What are Mary Kom’s most important achievements? What essential lessons has her journey taught her?

Answer: Mary Kom is a six-time World Amateur Boxing champion, and the only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the seven world championships. She is the first Indian woman boxer to get a gold medal in the Asian Games held in 2014 in Incheon. Perhaps her greatest achievement is showing the world that boxing is not just the man’s domain, and being an inspiration for millions of young people, both as a woman and a sportsperson.

Question 3: “l think we need to change our attitude towards the sport itself.” Why does Mary think that?

Answer: Mary Kom thinks that we need to change the attitude to the sport itself because the whole nation lacks enthusiasm in promoting sports for both genders. While the authorities are making efforts and things are changing, she feels that compared to other countries, not as much is done to promote sports and support sportspersons.

Question 4: What does Mary feel about excelling in a male-dominated field?

Answer: Mary Kom believes that her achievements will leave a mark on the society and help people to change their perspective that certain sports are not meant to be taken up believes that women can compete and win in any field of sports.

Question 5: What was Mary’s inspiration?

Answer: Mary Kom got interested in boxing when she was 15 years old. She was first inspired by Dingko Singh, the Indian boxer who won the gold medal in the 1998 Asian games. Later, she was motivated to try harder and aim higher like her idol Muhammad Ali. Today, she is inspired by her own achievements, and goals she has set for herself to win more medals for India. Her passion for boxing acts as the fuel that drives her towards her goals.

Question 6: How did Mary train herself for the sport?

Answer: To train herself for the sport, Mary put in eight hours of training every day – once in the morning and once in the evening. She also took great care of what she ate, following a diet that had food items from ever group with the right balance of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and other required minerals. She never deviated from the diet, ate at fixed times and never skipped meals.

Question 7: What is Mary’s advice to other Indian women?

Answer: Mary’s advice to all Indian women is that if they are passionate about something they should pursue it wholeheartedly. Even if people at first negate a woman’s dreams, if she goes after her goals she will succeed and the people around her will eventually be proud and supportive of her achievements. She also advises women to be strong and more confident about themselves.

So, these were Mary Kom Never Say Die Questions & Answers.

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