The Young Akbar Questions & Answers

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The Young Akbar Questions & Answers

Question 1: Answer the following questions in one word or sentence:

(a) Who was Akbar’s father?

Answer: Humayun

(b) How old was Akbar when he succeeded his father?

Answer: Thirteen years

(c) What remarkable ability did Akbar have?

Answer: He had a remarkable memory for facts.

(d) Under whose care did Akbar leave his state’s affair?

Answer: Bairam khan

(e) Who was Adham khan?

Answer: Akbar’s foster brother

(f) Who was the chief minister of Akbar?

Answer: Bairam khan

(g) According to Adham Khan, who was Akbar’s most dangerous enemy?

Answer: Bairam khan

(h) Who suspected the intentions of Bairam khan?

Answer: Adham Khan

Question 2: What was the young Akbar fond of?

Answer: The young Akbar was fond of going on hunting trips.

Question 3: What did Akbar and Adham Khan want to do one day?

Answer: Akbar and Adham Khan wanted to go on a hunting trip one day.

Question 4: Was Bairam Khan pleased or displeased with Akbar’s hunting trips?

Answer: Bairam Khan was pleased with Akbar’s hunting trips so that he could find time to make a plan with neighbouring rulers to capture the kingdom.

The Young Akbar Questions & Answers

Question 5: What did Bairam Khan want to know from Akbar?

Answer: Bairam Khan wanted to know how long Akbar intended to be away.

Question 6: What was the anxiety in Adham Khan’s mind?

Answer: Adham Khan suspected the conduct and intentions of Bairam Khan. This was the anxiety in his mind.

Question 7: What did Akbar want Bairam Khan to do with the representatives of other countries?

Answer: Akbar wanted Bairam Khan to deal with the representatives of other countries.

Question 8: What facts did Adham Khan give to support his charge against Bairam khan?

Answer: Adham Khan gave the following proofs:

  • Bairam Khan was constantly in touch with the neighbouring rulers.
  • He was sending arms and money to the neighbouring rulers regularly.

The Young Akbar Questions & Answers

Question 9: What did Akbar ask Adham Khan to do at the darbar?

Answer: Akbar asked Adham Khan to bring his charges against Bairam Khan at the darbar.

Question 10: What did Adham Khan say at the darbar about Bairam Khan?

Answer: Adham Khan said that Bairam Khan only pretended to be loyal but he was not.

Question 11: To whom were the letters to be sent by Bairam Khan?

Answer: The letters were to be sent to the rulers of the neighbouring states by Bairam Khan.

Question 12: What did Bairam Khan do with the letters and why did he do that?

Answer: Bairam Khan burnt all the letters because he realized that they were playing with the fire. Akbar was not a mere fun-loving boy. He knew all things.

So, these were The Young Akbar Questions & Answers.

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