The Story of An Invitation Questions & Answers

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The Story of An Invitation Questions & Answers

Question 1: What do you infer from these lines:

(a) Aunt Meg informed Bertha through a letter that Grace had become plump and rosy.

i. Grace has put on weight and has become fat.
ii. There is an improvement in Grace’s health under the care of Aunt Meg.
iii. There is an improvement in Grace’s behaviour.

(b) “Have some chocolates, Grace,” said Bertha gaily.

i. Bertha is in a jovial mood.
ii. Grace is in a good mood.
iii. Bertha is in a sad mood.

(c) ‘At first, she had felt shy with bright and brilliant Bertha……’

i. Grace had a low self-esteem.
ii. Grace suffered from an inferiority complex.
iii. Grace felt timid in front of Bertha

(d) “How delightful it must be to have friends like that, to love you and plan for you.”

i. It is a matter of great joy to have good friends.
ii. It is nice to have a friend circle to enjoy.
iii. It is bad to have true friends.

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) Initially, Aunt Margaret had invited both Grace and Bertha for the holidays – False
(b) Bertha transferred her invitation to Grace without Aunt Meg’s permission – False
(c) Bertha thought it to be really fortunate that the term was almost over, as she was nearly bankrupt – True
(d) Aunt Meg was perfectly willing to welcome Grace into her house – True
(e) Grace was to work out of her own willingness – False
(f) Aunt Meg always wanted a daughter and intended to adopt Grace – True

The Story of An Invitation Questions & Answers

Question 3: In what respects were the two girls different from other?

Answer: The two girls named Bertha and Grace were different in nature. Bertha was pretty, bright and popular to her classmates and teachers whereas Grace was a grave, quiet girl and dressed in mourning.

Question 4: Why was Grace dressed as she was?

Answer: Grace was dressed in mourning because she was quite alone in the world. She was an orphan girl and the aunt who had brought her up died recently. Moreover, she is as poor as the church mouse because there were not any relatives of her who can afford her expenses.

Question 5: How did Bertha celebrate the good news she had received?

Answer: To celebrate the good news, Bertha went to Carter’s shop and invested all her spare cash in caramels or candies.

Question 6: What made Grace wistful?

Answer: Grace had planned to work in a book store during summer. On the other hand, her roommate Bertha was going to Aunt Meg to enjoy her vacation. This made Grace wistful.

Question 7: What was the thought that darted into Bertha’s brain?

Answer: Bertha thought of transferring her invitation to Grace and would ask her to go to Riversdale in her place during summer.

Question 8: ‘She was studying her friend’s face.’ What did Bertha notice on Grace’s face?

Answer: Bertha noticed her friend to be alone, weak and sad.

Question 9: ‘I believe she could not stand two months at Clarkman’s,’ what had made Bertha think of this?

Answer: Grace was very weak and pale so, Bertha thought that it would not be possible for Grace to stand two months at Clarkman’s.

The Story of An Invitation Questions & Answers

Question 10: Why did Bertha decide that it would be a good idea to send Grace to her aunt’s place? What does it convey about Bertha’s character?

Answer: Bertha decided to send Grace to her aunt’s place because she noticed her friend be alone, weak and sad. She had no place where she could go and spend her vacation. Moreover, Grace was planning to work at Clarkman’s during summer so that she could pay her fees and buy winter outfit for herself. Bertha couldn’t see the sad face of Grace so, she took such a decision. This shows that Bertha was a kind-hearted, friendly and caring person. She was a true friend who could sacrifice for her friend.

Question 11: Read the line carefully and answer the questions:

‘I shall have to manage this affair………………’

(a) What was the ‘affair’ that had to be managed carefully?
Answer: The ‘affair’ was to transfer her invitation to Aunt Meg’s place to Grace.

(b) Why did Bertha plan the ‘affair’? Was the ‘affair’ managed carefully?
Answer: Bertha planned the ‘affair’ of sending Grace (her roommate ) to her aunt’s place. It was managed carefully and successfully.

Question 12: ‘Bertha folded her letters up with a smile.’ What was written in the letter? Why do you think Bertha reacted in this manner?

Answer: It was written in the letter that Bertha’s aunt would adopt Bertha’s friend Grace. Bertha reacted in this way because she felt quite happy for both her friend and aunt.

Question 13: Read the line carefully and answer the questions:

“What is your good news, may I ask?”

(a) Who asks this from Bertha?
Answer: Grace asked this from Bertha.

(b) What was the ‘good news’ received by the listener?
Answer: The ‘good news’ Bertha received was that she got an invitation from her Aunt Meg.

(c) What happens next in the story?
Answer: Bertha transfers her invitation to Grace.

So, these were The Story of An Invitation Questions & Answers.

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