There Are Big Waves Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share There Are Big Waves Questions & Answers.

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There Are Big Waves Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Dive through – to jump head-first into water
  • Water wall – like a wall made of water
  • Swell – to become larger
  • Don’t break at all – when waves break, they fall on the sea, usually near the shore
  • Roar – to make a very loud sound

Question 1: Choose the correct words in these sentences.

1. There are many/a few kinds of waves.
2. You can jump over big/small waves.
3. Waves rise up like a blue whale/great wall.
4. You can run with/swim in the tiny waves on the shore.

Question 2: Find two words each in the poem that mean the same as these words.

1. Large – big, great
2. Small – tiny, little

Question 3: Complete these phrases.

1. Roar like a lion.
2. As blue as sky.
3. As cold as cucumber.
4. Shine like a star.

Question 4: Find the rhyming words in the poem.

1. Blue and through.
2. Wall and all.
3. Roar and shore.

Question 5: What is the poem about?

Answer: The poem is about the waves on the seashore.

Question 6: Where is the speaker in the poem?

Answer: The speaker is on the seashore in the poem.

Question 7: What is the colour of the waves?

Answer: The are two colours of the waves – green and blue.

Question 8: What sounds do the waves make?

Answer: Some waves whisper and some waves roar.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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