Tom Comes Home Questions & Answers

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Tom Comes Home Questions & Answers

Question 1: When Tom alights from the carriage, he says with masculine reticence, ‘Hallo! Yap..What! are you there? Why Tom behaves in this way?

Answer: Tom behaved in this way because he wanted to show that he is manly and grown-up.

Question 2: Tom says he is good brother to Maggie. Do you agree? Give reasons.

Answer: Yes, Tom was a good brother to Maggie. He had bought a new fishing line for Maggi by saving money, by not sharing in the toffee and gingerbread with his friends.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

‘Maggie’s heart began to flutter with fear. She did not dare tell him the sad truth straightway. But she walked after Tom in trembling silence as he went out, wondering how she could tell him the news so as to soften at once his sorrow and his anger. For Maggie dreaded Tom’s anger of all things – it was quite a different anger from her own.’

(a) What was the sad truth?

Answer: The sad truth was that all Tom’s rabbits had died.

(b) How did Tom show his anger when Maggie told him the ‘truth’?

Answer: When Maggie told Tom that his rabbits had died, he stopped walking and turned round towards her. His cheeks turned red as he said that Maggie and Harry must have forgotten to feed them. He said he would turn Harry away, that he didn’t love Maggie and refused her a chance to go fishing with him the following day.

(c) Do you think he was right to be angry?

Answer: Yes, he was right to be angry because he had asked Maggie to take care of the rabbits and to feed them everyday but she did not take care of them properly.

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