Trees Our Best Friends Questions & Answers

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Trees Our Best Friends Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences.

1. Trees provide us with medicinal herbs.
2. Trees are best places for birds to build their nests.
3. Roots of the trees prevent soil erosion.
4. The Chipko Movement was started by Sunderlal Bahuguna.
5. The government has started ‘Van Mahotsav movement’.
6. The children promised grandpa to make trees their true friends.

Question 2: Write True or False statements:

1. One of the best gifts of Mother Earth is trees – True
2. Trees cause drought – False
3. Many people live in forests – True
4. We must cut down trees to prevent pollution – False
5. There is no shortage of trees – False
6. We must not waste the products obtained from trees – True

Question 3: Who had come to Puja’s house?

Answer: Puja’s friends had come to her house to play.

Question 4: Why could the children not go out to play?

Answer: The children could not play outside because it was raining.  

Question 5: Write three uses of wood.

Answer: We use wood to make houses, boxes, tools, furniture, etc.  

Question 6: From where do we get paper? What would happen in the absence of paper?

Answer: We get paper from trees. We cannot read and write if there is no paper.

Question 7: How do trees keep the air clean and fresh?

Answer: Trees keep the air clean and fresh by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.  

Question 8: How can we save trees?

Answer: We can save trees by not cutting them down and not wasting products obtained from trees.

Question 9: Who started the Chipko Movement?

Answer: The ‘Chipko’ movement was started by Sunder Lal Bahuguna.

Question 10: How can you say that trees are our best friends?

Answer: Trees are our best friends because they provide us with essential things and life would not be possible on earth without trees.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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