Frogs at School Questions & Answers

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Frogs at School Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Rushy – a place filled with rushes (tall grass)
  • Vests – a sleeveless piece of clothing that you wear over a shirt
  • Bullfrog – a large frog that makes a loud and deep sound
  • Grave, stern – very serious in appearance or behaviour
  • Nobly strive – to try very hard to do
  • Dodge – to move quickly to one side
  • Dunce – foolish
  • Polished in a high degree – made perfect to a great extent
  • Leap & dive – to spring through the air from one point or position

Question 1: Choose the correct options:

1. The froggies’ school was ________.

(a) near the pond
(b) down beside a rushing pool
(c) not very far
(d) beside a church

2. The froggies wore vests which were __________.

(a) white and clean
(b) green and clean
(c) white and green
(d) blue and clean

3. The froggies grew up to become ___________.

(a) big toads
(b) handsome princes
(c) bullfrogs
(d) teachers

4. The froggies wanted to play ___________.

(a) before reaching school
(b) after reaching school
(c) before their study
(d) after their study

Question 2: How many froggies went to school?

Answer: Twenty froggies went to school.

Question 3: Where was their school?

Answer: Their school was beside a rushy pool.

Question 4: What were the froggies wearing?

Answer: They were wearing clean, white vests with green coats.

Question 5: What were the two rules the froggies had in their school?

Answer: The frogged had these two rules in their school:

  • Go to school on time.
  • First study then play.

Question 6: Who threw the rocks at the froggies?

Answer: Children threw the rocks at the froggies.

Question 7: How was master Bullfrog? What did he teach?

Answer: Master Bullfrog was brave and stern. He taught the froggies to leap and dive. He taught them how to dodge a stick thrown by the bad boys. He also taught them to work honestly.

Question 8: What do the froggies do now that they have grown up?

Answer: Now that the froggies have grown up, they teach other little froggies what they had been taught.

Question 9: Where did the froggies sit after they turned into Bullfrogs?

Answer: The froggies sat on logs after they turned into Bullfrogs.

Question 10: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Three froggies went to school – False
2. Mister Bull frog sat on a log – True
3. Their school was under a rushy pool – False
4. First they played and then they studied – False
5. Mister Bull frog was stern – True
6. Mister Bull frog taught them to play – False

So, these were Frogs at School Questions & Answers.

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