Appearances are Deceptive Questions & Answers

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Appearances are Deceptive Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who said these words and to whom?

(a) “What sad fate you have!”

Answer: Bina, the ant said these words to chrysalis.

(b) “I am your much pitied friend.”

Answer: Sundari, the butterfly said these words to the ant Bina.

Question 2: Name the following.

(a) Two seasons mentioned in this lesson.

Answer: Summer, winter.

(b) Two animals mentioned in this lesson.

Answer: Ant, butterfly.

(c) Two plants mentioned in this lesson.

Answer: Trees, shrubs, bushes.

(d) The pupa stage of a butterfly.

Answer: chrysalis

(e) Food item, the ant carried.

Answer: Pastry

Question 3: Who is Bina? Where was she going?

Answer: Bina is an ant. She was going in search of food.

Question 4: Who is Sundari?

Answer: Sundari is a butterfly.

Question 5: Why was Bina collecting food?

Answer: Bina was collecting food as winter was approaching soon and it was difficult to get food during winter.

Question 6: What did Bina get?

Answer: Bina got a large bit of pastry with a whole raisin in it.

Question 7: Why did Bina feel sad when she saw the chrysalis?

Answer: Bina felt sad because the chrysalis was not able to move around like her.

Question 8: What did she say about it?

Answer: She felt sad and said that the chrysalis had a bad fate.

Question 9: Describe the butterfly.

Answer: The butterfly was light blue, spotted with light pink and yellow dots.

Question 10: What do you learn from this story?

Answer: We learnt from the story that one must not boast of the personal looks as it could be deceptive.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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