A Scribe’s Dream Questions & Answers

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A Scribe’s Dream Questions & Answers

Question 1: Number these sentences in the correct order:


…4…The Scribe and his wife went to Birbal for help.
…1…The Scribe was proud that he had never borrowed a single paisa.
…6…The money lender never tried to bully anyone else again.
…5…Birbal asked the Scribe to call the money lender.
…3…The money lender went to visit the Scribe.
…2…The Scribe’s wife repeated the story of the dream to her friends.

Question 2: What was the scribe proud of?

Answer: The scribe was proud that he had never borrowed a single paisa.

Question 3: What was the scribe’s greatest worry?

Answer: The scribe’s greatest worry was his lack of money and fear of borrowing money in future.

Question 4: How did the moneylender hear about the scribe’s dream?

Answer: The scribe’s wife told the story of her husband’s dream to her friends. They repeated the story to their husbands. This is how the story spread in the city and the moneylender came to know about the scribe’s dream.

Question 5: What idea did the scribe’s wife have to save them from ruin?

Answer: In order to save themselves from ruin, the scribe’s wife suggested that they should go to Birbal for help.

Question 6: What did Birbal do after hearing the scribe’s tale of woe?

Answer: After hearing the scribe’s tale of woe, Birbal brought out a bag of gold coins and emptied them on a table. He counted out a hundred coins and put the rest away. Next, he placed a large mirror in front of the coins and told the scribe to call the moneylender. He then offered the reflection of coins to money lender in exchange of the debt taken in Scribe’s dream.

Question 7: How did the money lender realise that ‘he had met his match’?

Answer: When Birbal offered reflection of coins to money lender, he realised that ‘he had met his match’.

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