The Rain Questions & Answers

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The Rain Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why was there no water in Jamal’s well?

Answer: There was no water in Jamal’s well because there was no rain.

Question 2: What did Jamal do every day? Why?

Answer: Every day, Jamal looked to the sky; in the hope of rain.

Question 3: What did Jamal ask Masood? Why?

Answer: Jamal asked Masood for fifty rupees. This is because he wanted to buy food as he had little money left.

Question 4: What did Masood reply?

Answer: Masood replied, ‘No rain means no money; when the rains come you can have the money.’

Question 5: How much money did Jamal find at home?

Answer: At home, Jamal found sixty rupees.

Question 6: Why did Jamal go towards the town?

Answer: Jamal went towards the town to sell the earrings of his wife so as to have some money to buy food.

Question 7: What made Jamal happy?

Answer: When the rain started pouring down, this made Jamal happy.

Question 8: Write True or False for the following sentences. Correct the sentences that are wrong.

1. Jamal had three children – False
Correct sentence – Jamal had two children.

2. There was no water in Jamal’s well – True

3. There were thick, white clouds in the sky – False
Correct sentence – There were no clouds in the sky.

4. Jamal lived in a big village near Multan – False
Correct sentence – Jamal lived in a tiny village near Multan.

5. Jamal sold his wife’s earrings – False
Correct sentence – Jamal did not sell his wife’s earrings.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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