Tell Me About Grandfather Questions & Answers

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Tell Me About Grandfather Questions & Answers

Question 1: What were the children learning about in class?

Answer: The children were learning about families in class.

Question 2: Who was the teacher and what did she say to the children?

Answer: Mrs Hasan was the teacher. She asked the children to tell her a funny story about their grandfather.

Question 3: Whom did the teacher ask to tell a story first?

Answer: The teacher asked Ali to tell a story first.

Question 4: Did Ali know any stories about his grandfather?

Answer: No, Ali did not know any stories about his grandfather.

Question 5: Whom did Ali ask for help?

Answer: Ali asked Zara and Nabeel for help.

Question 6: Whose part did Ali play?

Answer: Ali played the part of his grandfather.

Question 7: What did Zara say about it being windy?

Answer: Zara said, ‘It’s not Wednesday.’

Question 8: Why do you think the three children giggled?

Answer: The children might have giggled because they found their story funny or because they were a bit embarrassed about performing in front of the class.

Question 9: Some of the words in the story were not heard correctly. What did the listener hear when these words were said?

1. Shop – hop
2. Windy – Wednesday
3. Thursday – thirsty
4. Stop – shop
5. Bald – bored

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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