True Friends Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share True Friends Questions & Answers.

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True Friends Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where did Sukhiram settle?

Answer: Sukhiram settled in a town.

Question 2: Why did Dukhiram become poor?

Answer: Dukhiram became poor as his shop caught fire and all the things burnt in it. He had to sell his house to pay his creditors.

Question 3: How did Sukhiram help his friend?

Answer: Sukhiram offered his friend to assist him in his business and distribute the profit. He asked his friend to live with him and he would provide him with all the facilities. In this way, Sukhiram helped his friend.

Question 4: Why was Sukhiram out of the town?

Answer: Sukhiram was out of the town for business.

Question 5: What happened when Sukhiram was out of the town?

Answer: When Sukhiram was out of the town, some robbers came to loot his house.

Question 6: Why did the robbers flee away?

Answer: Hearing the sound of loud music from the house which was being played by the servants, the robbers fled away.

Question 7: Choose the correct option:

(a) Sukhiram and Dukhiram were _______.

i. friends
ii. enemies
iii. neighbours
iv. relatives

(b) Sukhiram had many servants to work in his _______.

i. office
ii. shop
iii. factory
iv. field

(c) Dukhiram became very poor due to _______.

i. flood
ii. fire
iii. earthquake
iv. theft

(d) Dukhiram sold his _______ to pay the money.

i. shop
ii. field
iii. car
iv. house

(e) One day some ________ came at night.

i. thieves
ii. dacoits
iii. robbers
iv. guests

(f) There were only ________ servants in the house.

i. old
ii. young
iii. brave
iv. timid

(g) Dukhiram told the servants to play _________.

i. football
ii. cricket
iii. hockey
iv. musical instruments

Question 8: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Sukhiram’s standard of living was very low – False
2. Sukhiram did not recognise his friend Dukhiram – False
3. The servant brought old clothes for Dukhiram – False
4. Dukhiram got all facilities in Sukhiram’s house – True
5. Sukhiram and Dukhiram were true friends – True
6. The robbers did not succeed in their plan – True
7. The robbers heard the sound of weeping – False

Question 9: Fill in the blanks:

1. Sukhiram settled in the town.
2. He rushed to the door to meet his friend.
3. The servant brought a lot of food for the guest.
4. He returned the book that you gave him.
5. Their business flourished due to good management.
6. Suddenly an idea flashed in my mind.
7. The robbers fled away from the spot.
8. The thieves were caught by the police.

So, these were True Friends Questions & Answers.

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