Birthday Party Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Birthday Party Questions & Answers.

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Birthday Party Questions & Answers

Question 1: How was Harshita an ideal student?

Answer: Harshita was well mannered, regular and punctual in her class. She was not only laborious but also intelligent. All these qualities made her an ideal student.

Question 2: What was the favourite dish of Harshita?

Answer: Harshita’s favourite dish was potato and chapati.

Question 3: Why are green vegetables necessary for children?

Answer: Green vegetables are very necessary for children because many required vitamins and minerals are found in vegetables. If one doesn’t eat green vegetables, his/her health will not be good.

Question 4: Why did Harshita not touch the plate?

Answer: Harshita did not touch the plate brought by her aunt because there was no potato in the plate.

Question 5: What did Harshita say at last?

Answer: At last, Harshita felt sorry to her mother and said that she would eat whatever her mother would cook for her. While eating, she would not create any problem.

Question 6: Why did mother hug Harshita?

Answer: Mother hugged Harshita to see good change in her.

Question 7: Choose the correct option:

(a) What was Harshita doing in the study room?

i. Classwork
ii. homework
iii. watching TV
iv. drawing

(b) Where did Harshita keep her book?

i. table
ii. shelf
iii. school bag
iv. desk

(c) Who was Harshita’s mother?

i. Mrs. Rubi
ii. Mrs. Roji
iii. Mrs. Resham
iv. Mrs. Shanti

(d) Mother gave Harshita a _______ of milk.

i. bottle
ii. glass
iii. bucket
iv. bowl

(e) Whose birthday was being celebrated?

i. Harshita
ii. Yash
iii. Resham
iv. Rubi

(f) Who said, “I shall eat whatever you cook for me”?

i. Yash
ii. Resham
iii. Rubi
iv. Harshita

(g) Who stroked Harshita’s hair?

i. mother
ii. father
iii. brother
iv. aunt

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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