Two Travellers Questions & Answers

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Two Travellers Questions & Answers

Question 1: write True or False:

(a) Hari Singh was a kind man – True
(b) Hari Singh lived in a village in Madhya Pradesh – False
(c) Hari Singh fed travellers and tool care of their needs – False
(d) The old man from the eatery gave Hari Singh some play dough to make dolls – False
(e) Hari Singh’s son wanted to eat the villagers – False
(f) The travellers ran away after hearing what Ramu said – True

Question 2: Who was Hari Singh?

Answer: Chowdhury Hari Singh was a generous man who lived in a village in Haryana. He used to eat his food only after feeding two travellers every day.

Question 3: Why would travellers come to his house?

Answer: Travellers would come to his house as his house was next to the main road. They came to look for water, food or shelter.

Question 4: When would Hari Singh be happy?

Answer: Hari Singh would be happy when the travellers ate to their hearts’ content. He would sit with them and watch them enjoy their meal.

Two Travellers Questions & Answers

Question 5: What did the old man from the eatery give him? Why?

Answer: The old man from the eatery gave him two dolls made of sugar. He did this because Hari Singh had been waiting for a long time at the eatery for some travellers to show up. The old man told him that he should consider the two dolls his travellers that day and take them home, give them some food and then he too can eat.

Question 6: Read the line and answer the questions:
“Sir, consider these your travellers today”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: An old man from a small eatery in the village said these words to Hari Singh.

(b) Why did he say these words to the listener?

Answer: He said these words to the listener as the listener had been waiting at the eatery for a long time for some travellers to show up.

(c) How did the listener react to these words?

Answer: The listener accepted the old man’s suggestion and took the two dolls home.

Question 7: What misunderstanding did Ramu cause?

Answer: Ramu caused a lot of misunderstanding because he asked his father if he could eat the two travellers. He was referring to the two dolls made of sugar but the two men who came to Hari Singh’s house thought that the boy was referring to them. They got scared and ran away.

Question 8: Read the line and answer the questions:
“Not now. Let them eat first.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Hari Singh said these words to his son Ramu.

(b) Who did the speaker mean by ‘them’?

Answer: By ‘them’ Hari Singh meant the two travellers who had come to his home to take some rest.

(c) What happened after the speaker had said these words?

Answer: After the speaker said these words, the two travellers who were about to have the food served by Hari Singh got scared and immediately fled Hari Singh’s house.

Question 9: How was the misunderstanding cleared?

Answer: The misunderstanding was cleared when Hari Singh told the villagers and the two travellers the entire story about how the old man had given him the two dolls and how his son Ramu, referred to them as travellers.

So, these were Two Travellers Questions & Answers.

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