Uncomfortable Bed Questions & Answers

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Uncomfortable Bed Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read the lines and answer the questions:

My friends were fond of practical jokes. I do not care to know people who are not.

Uncomfortable Bed Questions & Answers

Answer: From the second sentence, we came to know that the speaker valued a sense of humour friends.

Uncomfortable Bed Questions & Answers

Answer: The evidence that supports for the first sentence is the way the speaker’s friends laughed when they found out what had happened. We do not see them actually playing any practical joke on the speaker.

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“Look out, old ferret! They have something in store for you”.

(a) Another meaning of ‘ferret’ is to find something by searching carefully. Why the speaker called himself a ferret?

Answer: The speaker called himself a ferret because he was trying to find out what kind of prank his friends could play on him. He was trying to ferret out the truth and he was also acting a bit like a ferret – hunting for clues and trying to ‘catch’ his friends.

(b) What did he think his friends had in store for him?

Answer: The speaker was well aware that his friends were fond of practical jokes. Moreover, their extra attention towards him made him rather suspicious. So, he thought that his friends expected to have great fun at his expense and hence, must have planned a good prank for him.

Question 3: ………..Which at once made me rather suspicious.

Question 3

Answer: Watchful, restless, distrustfully, carefully, cautiously

question 3

Answer: We can use the word ‘nervous’ and ‘confused’ to describe his state of mind.

Uncomfortable Bed Questions & Answers

Question 4: Once inside his room how did the speaker move and act? Why?

Answer: Once inside his room the speaker was very cautious, he moved with short steps and carefully examined all the furniture in the room. He did so as he was suspicious that his friends had planned a joke for him and if he pulled the curtain he would be drenched with cold water all over his body.

Question 5: Why did the speaker close the shutters and draw the curtains? What happened as a result of all this? What else did he do, that helped to bring about the outcome?

Answer: The speaker closed the shutters and drew the curtains so that no trick could be played on him through the window. As a result of this, no light could come into the room from outside. In para 14, he made his bed in the middle of the room, on the floor, and extinguished all the candles. Since the room was now completely dark, when the valet came in, he could not see the bed on the floor and tripped over it.

Question 6: I did not dare to get into the bed. Why didn’t the speaker dare to get into the bed?

Answer: At first, the speaker did not dare to get into the bed because he was sure that his friends had made some arrangements in the bed for a prank. Yet, he also thought that his friends, who must be waiting for the success of their trick, would be laughing at him because he was too afraid to go to bed. He could not let them have so much fun at his expense and went to bed to challenge them.

Question 7: The arm chair was solid. Why was this discovery important to the speaker?
a) It meant that he could protect himself with the chair, is necessary.
b) It meant he could sleep in the chair.
c) It meant that his friends had not laid a trap for him in the chair.

Answer: It meant that his friends had not laid a trap for him in the chair.

Uncomfortable Bed Questions & Answers

Question 8: The speaker was awakened by the body falling over him. At the same time, what else did he feel and hear? When and how did he realize what had really happened?

Answer: As the speaker was awakened by a body falling over him, he felt a burning hot liquid on his face, neck and chest. It made him howl with pain. At the same time, he heard a great noise, as if many plates and dishes had fallen down. After a brief struggle with the body which had fallen over him, the speaker managed to get up and rush out of the room. It was then that he realized it was morning, and in the light from the corridor, he saw that the valet, while bringing his tea, had tripped over his bed and fallen down, along with the plates he had been carrying. The hot liquid had been the tea.

Question 9: The story is a first-person narrative – The speaker is a character in the story. How does this style of narration help to build the irony?

Answer: The first-person narrative helps to build this irony because this style of narration lets the reader know exactly what is going on in the speaker’s mind. Had it been told by someone else, we, as readers, may not have known how nervous or suspicious the speaker was feeling, or why he took certain odd decisions, like placing a chair in front of the window or making his bed on the floor. The first-person narrative traces his feelings – from his first suspicion to growing nervousness to his final embarrassment – clearly.

Question 10: Irony is a term used to mean a situation or an event which is the very opposite of what was expected, and which is sometimes funny as a result. What could be the irony in the story?

Answer: Right from his arrival at his friends’ house until bedtime, the speaker kept expecting some trick to be played on him. He was suspicious and watchful, in order to avoid falling into any trap. He was so careful, in fact, that in taking measures to guard himself against a prank, he set himself up for an awkward situation, making his friends laugh. That is the irony of this story.

So, these were Uncomfortable Bed Questions & Answers.

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