The Master Artist Questions & Answers

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The Master Artist Questions & Answers

  • Patron – a person who supports artists and writers.
  • Yearned – deeply desired
  • Guild – a professional union of artists or craftsmen which was quite powerful.
  • Pigment – coloured powder that is mixed with liquid to produce paint; artists often make use of it.
  • Apprentice – a person who works for an employer mainly to learn skills required for a particular job.
  • Absurd – ridiculous
  • A twitch – a sudden movement that showed his anger.

Question 1: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“That’s fine. You needed only to request it. “And he pulled aside the twenty-foot-tall curtain.

(a) Who speaks the above line and to whom?

Answer: The above line is spoken by Monsieur I’Abbaye to Signor Bartoli.

(b) What was the demand of the person?

Answer: Signor Bartoli wanted to see his portrait made by the artist Monsieur I’Abbaye and he had waited too long for it.

(c) Why did he say that the person had only to request?

Answer: Signor Bartoli was impatient and frustrated and his tone was rude.

(d) What was behind the twenty-foot-tall curtain?

Answer: Monsieur I’Abbaye had been working on the portrait of Signor Bartoli behind the curtain for months.

Question 2: Why did Signor Bartoli agree to I’Abbaye’s demands?

Answer: Signor Bartoli, a rich Italian patron was very keen to have his portrait on the wall of his dining hall. Although he felt that Monsieur I’Abbaye’s demands were very strange, he wanted to get his portrait done only by him because he was an artist of great repute and Bartoli was confident that I’Abbaye would produce a masterpiece.

Question 3: Why do you think I’Abbaye wanted to make Bartoli’s portrait in secrecy?

Answer: Bartoli had asked I’Abbaye to make his portrait on a twenty-foot-tall and space impressed the artist. He wanted to make use of that space to make the portrait using his unique creative imagination. He probably knew that Bartoli would not let him create the portrait the way he wanted. So, he wanted total privacy.

The Master Artist Questions & Answers

Question 4: In what way did Monsieur I’Abbaye test Signor Bartoli’s patience? Was he satisfied with the outcome in the end?

Answer: Bartoli had hired Monsieur I’Abbaye to make his portrait on the wall of his dining hall where everyone could see it. Monsieur I’Abbaye on the other hand, wanted to paint the portrait in absolute secrecy. Weeks and months passed but I’Abbaye was not ready to show the painting. He would keep talking about different things which did not interest Bartoli. All he wanted was to see his portrait. Finally, frustrated with the delay, when Bartoli forced I’Abbaye to show his painting, he was shocked and angered as he could not tolerate I’Abbaye Cubist expression on the portrait.

Question 5:

The Master Artist Questions & Answers

Answer: Monsieur Signy l’Abbaye wanted to break free of restraints and paint Signor Bartoli’s portrait in his own way and had his patron’s features memorised. He did not want anyone to disturb his craft so, he requested his patron to give him complete privacy.

Question 6: What do you think the author feels Monsieur I’Abbaye had born five hundred years too early?

Answer: Monsieur I’Abbaye was a great artist who did not have the freedom to paint in the style of his choice. The style he wanted to work on became famous in the early twentieth century. Monsieur I’Abbaye had discovered that five centuries earlier but at that time, he never received any recognition for that style of art.

The Master Artist Questions & Answers

Question 7: How long did the master piece take? Do you know why?

Answer: The masterpiece took six months to complete. Monsieur Signy l’Abbaye was using the best materials and it was a long process to get things right.

Question 8: Why according to l’Abbaye was the painting taking so long?

Answer: According to l’Abbaye, he was not making an ordinary painting but a master piece. Any superb creation of art consumes time.

Question 9: Guiliano Bartoli stood for a minute. How was Bartoli feeling at this point? How did he express his feelings?

Answer: The six signs of Bartoli’s genuine astonishment are as follows – His mouth fell open, his eyes turn red and he grabbed what few hairs he had left on his head. He did a little hop, and then a twitch, and his eyebrows contorted as though bewitched.

Question 10:

The Master Artist Questions & Answers

Answer: Monsieur l’Abbaye had painted a picture of his patron beyond his understanding. He made a portrait five hundred years ahead of his time which was difficult for Bartoli to understand. Hence he addressed him as a mad man.

So, these were The Master Artist Questions & Answers.

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