Vet in The Forest Questions & Answers

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Vet in The Forest Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The team was impressed by the young man because

i. he was helping the elephant although he had reason to be angry with the elephant
ii. he knew where the injured elephant could be found.
iii. he was already treating the injured elephant.

(b) Subrata’s calmness made the speaker feel concerned because

i. Subrata’s calmness made the people doubt his abilities.
ii. given the urgency of the situation, Subrata was acting too slowly and calmly.
iii. the speaker himself was feeling anxious.

(c) Even after the treatment, the speaker’s team worried about the elephant because

i. its body temperature was too high.
ii. the bandage they used was only for show.
iii. the elephant did not wake up when they expected it to.

(d) This experience was an adventure because it featured

i. challenges and excitement, and the speaker did not know how it would end.
ii. danger and action, but the speaker knew it would end happily.
iii. a dangerous place and wild animals, and the speaker was surprised in the end.

(e) We know that the elephants in the text were loyal and patient because

i. they could not be made to leave their companion.
ii. they kept coming back to help their companion.
iii. they stood guard over their companion while it was being treated.

Question 2: Who were in the team that went to Bishnupur forest and why did they go there? Who joined them afterwards?

Answer: There were three men in the team that went to Bishnupur forest – SC De, Chief Wildlife Warden of the state, Subrata Choudhuri, an officer specialising in tranquilising animals, and the speaker. They went to the forest to treat an injured elephant. A veterinary officer (who had no experience of treating elephant) joined them afterwards.

Question 3: How was the herd chased away? Why did it have to be chased?

Answer: The herd was chased away by a group of villagers who shouted and burst crackers. The herd had to be chased away so that the injured animal could be separated from it. the injured elephant could be treated only if it was alone.

Vet in The Forest Questions & Answers

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

Our next plan of action was to ask the enthusiastic villagers for help to locate our patient.

(a) Who was the patient?

Answer: The patient was an injured elephant.

(b) Why did the speaker’s team need help to locate the patient?

Answer: The speaker’s team needed help to locate the patient – the injured elephant because it had been moving constantly with the herd and the speaker’s team did not know where exactly the elephant was.

(c) Which word tells us that the villagers were very willing to help?

Answer: The word ‘enthusiastic’ tells us that the villagers were very willing to help.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

We quickened ours accordingly. In about five minutes, its hind legs bent upon its body and then it slowly fell over sideways and lay on its side.

(a) What did they quicken and why?

Answer: They, the speaker’s team quickened their pace. They were following the injured elephant which had begun moving more quickly because it had been pricked by the dart.

(b) What lay on its side and why?

Answer: The injured elephant lay on its side. Subrata had fired a dart gun with a tranquiliser at the elephant. The medicine took effect in five minutes and the elephant fell over and lay down.

Question 6: How did the vet treat the elephant?

Answer: The vet made a deep cut across the swollen part of the elephant’s leg. It brought out a flow of black blood. Then, he treated the leg, gave the animal a shot of long-acting antibiotic and bandages the leg, he also gave an antidote to the elephant which would revive it.

Question 7: As responsible managers, we should have stayed around for the movement of its revival. Do you think the speaker and his team were irresponsible? Why or why not?

Answer: No, the speaker and his team were not irresponsible. Although they wanted to stay around for the elephant’s revival, they could not have done that because there was no tree that was strong enough to support a machan where the team could spend the night. And it would have been very difficult to spend the night on the ground with about fifty wild elephants nearby.

So, these were Vet in The Forest Questions & Answers.

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