Vicky Learns A Lesson Questions & Answers

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Vicky Learns A Lesson Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Agenda – schedule
  • Scoured – searched thoroughly
  • Hyperactive – extremely active
  • Anticipation – expectation
  • Cybercrime – criminal activities carried out through the Internet
  • Livid – angry

Question 1: Describe the morning when the story unfolds.

Answer: The morning when the story unfolds is lazy when Vicky had finished his exams and was free to do what he wanted. It was a sunny day after the rains and the birds were chirping outside. Moreover, both his parents were away and even his hyperactive pet was unusually quiet which made Vicky very happy.

Question 2: What was first on Vicky’s agenda?

Answer: First on Vicky’s agenda was playing the new game Mario that he had downloaded.

Question 3: What surprise awaited Vicky when he clicked on the folder named ‘Mario’?

Answer: When Vicky clicked the folder named Mario, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The folder was empty.

Question 4: What did Vicky think was weird, and why?

Answer: When Vicky was downloading the game again from the Internet, a form appeared which required him to fill in his personal details. What he thought weird was that the form also asked his debit or credit card details. The last time he downloaded the game, the website never asked for such information and that’s why he thought it was weird.

Question 5: Why did Vicky think it was safe to download games despite his parents’ warnings?

Answer: Vicky thought it was safe to download the game despite his parents’ warning because he believed that the Internet has its own security system and the credit card details were being sought only for identification purpose.

Question 6: How was Vicky saved from becoming a victim of cybercrime?

Answer: Vicky was saved from becoming a victim of cybercrime by a timely call from his mother. She prevented him from using her credit card and downloading the game.

So, these were Vicky Learns A Lesson Questions & Answers.