Nilamu A Day Among Waterfalls Questions & Answers

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Nilamu A Day Among Waterfalls Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Midges – small flies
  • Cataracts – large waterfalls
  • Cascades – small waterfalls
  • Vehement – intense
  • Ravaged – damaged

Question 1: How had Nilamu been cut off from Zhangmu?

Answer: Nilamu had been cut off from Zhangmu because a road bridge has been swept away.

Question 2: How did the author get the courage to cross the makeshift bridge?

Answer: The author got the courage to cross the makeshift bridge by seeing an eight-year-old Tibetan child who walked across the bridge nonchalantly.

Question 3: Describe the waterfalls that empty themselves into the river?

Answer: The waterfalls tumble down the slope of the hill and empty themselves to the Bhotakoshi river. One falls on the road and flows down a ledge till it meets the river.

Question 4: What, according to the author, did Lao Tzu mean when he said, ‘Highest good is like water’?

Answer: The statement means that water benefits everyone and flows downwards. It settles where none would like to be; that is at the lowest. Also, water accepts all tastes and colour despite being tasteless and colourless by nature. On one hand, it is submissive and on the other hand, it is so strong that it can weak down the hardest of rocks. It is actually the pulse of our body.

Question 5: Explain in your own words the author’s ‘curious thoughts’.

Answer: The author’s ‘curious thoughts’ are that someday he will drink a few drops of the water that he was seeing around him then. Land is fixed but air and water move and therefore are more communal in his opinion. This movement will cause some powers of the water to match the author and the scenery around him will become a part of him.

Question 6: What reason does the author give for staring at water than at land?

Answer: The author believes that we stare more at water than at land because water moves. He also describes water as author of beauty recalling and associating the beautiful rainbow and the storm cloud. Not only that, the scent of the first rain on the sun-baked plains is beautiful too.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

Though it is not more than five metres across, a slip would mean instant pulverisation.

(a) What was ‘not more than five metres across’?

Answer: The Makeshift bridge of logs was not more than five metres across.

(b) Why was pulverisation a strong possibility?

Answer: Pulverisation was a strong possibility because the bridge was shaking on its rocky supports a few feet above the stream.

(c) What put the author particularly at risk?

Answer: His unbalanced luggage put him particularly at risk.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

Water, the universal element, it is yet so particular about its local excellences.

(a) Who does the universal element benefit?

Answer: The universal element benefits the countless creatures.

(b) What is its negative aspect?

Answer: The negative aspect of the universal element is it causes floods and damage.

So, these were Nilamu A Day Among Waterfalls Questions & Answers.

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