Vikram Vetal Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Vikram Vetal Questions & Answers.

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Vikram Vetal Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option-

(a) King Vikramaditya ruled over _________.

(i) Ujjain
(ii) Gwalior
(iii) Mewar
(iv) Jodhpur

(b) The corpse was hanging on a _______ tree.

(i) peepal
(ii) mango
(iii) banyan
(iv) palm

(c) One day the king gave the fruit to a ___________.

(i) cow
(ii) monkey
(iii) parrot
(iv) dog  

(d) There was __________ in the monk’s fruit.

(i) gem
(ii) gold
(iii) silver
(iv) diamond

Question 2: Write True or False for the following sentences:

(a) King Vikramaditya was brave and wise – True
(b) The treasurer ate all the fruits – False
(c) The king was fearful when he reached the cremation ground – False
(d) King Vikramaditya did not bring the corpse – False
(e) Vetal was satisfied with the answer of Vikram – True

Question 3: Fill in the blanks:

(a) There were precious gems in the fruit.
(b) The scenery was dreadful.
(c) A corpse was hanging on the tree.
(d) Vetal narrated an interesting story.
(e) The monk was really an evil man.
(f) The monk wanted to kill the king.

Question 4: What did the monk give to king Vikramaditya?

Answer: The monk gave a fruit to King Vikramaditya.

Question 5: Where did the monk tell the king to come?

Answer: The monk told the King Vikramaditya to come under the tree which was in the cremation ground.

Question 6: Why did the monk want power?

Answer: The monk wanted evil powers to rule over the world.

Question 7: What did king Vikramaditya do with the evil man?

Answer: King Vikramaditya drew his sword and cut off the head of the evil man.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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