What Did Gita Eat Questions & Answers

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What Did Gita Eat Questions & Answers

Question 1: Number the sentences in the correct order.


…2…Gita asks for toast with jam.
…5…Gita eats idli with some honey.
…1…Gita smells something.
…3…Amma wipes Gita’s sticky face.
…4…Gita wants some milk.

Question 2: Where were Usha and Uma going?

Answer: Usha and Uma were going to school.

Question 3: How did Gita play with the pillow?

Answer: Gita played with the pillow by riding it like a horse. She also imagined it to be a camel.

Question 4: For whom did Amma make coffee?

Answer: Amma made coffee for Thatha.

Question 5: What did Appa eat before leaving for office?

Answer: Before leaving for office, Appa ate three idlis.

Question 6: What did Patti ask Gita? What did Gita reply?

Answer: Patti asked Gita whether she had her breakfast or not. Gita replied that Uma, Usha and Appa had their breakfast but she didn’t have it yet.

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