What Was Her Name Questions & Answers

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What Was Her Name Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Why did the old gentleman shake the shoulder of the young lady in green?

(a) to talk to her
(b) to wake her up
(c) to ask her for directions
(d) to know her name

2. What did the old gentleman call the young lady when he went away?

(a) Mister Sleepyhead.
(b) Madam Sleepyhead
(c) Lady in Green
(d) Summer

3. Who showed Spring the way to her dressing room.

(a) Winter
(b) Flower buds
(c) Wind
(d) Pine trees

Question 2: Why did Winter try to wake up Spring?

Answer: Winter tried to wake up Spring because it was her time to watch. Winter’s time to watch was over and it was his time to go to sleep.

Question 3: What did Spring see around her when Winter woke her up?

Answer: When Winter woke Spring up, she saw the bare branches of the trees, dead brown leaves and dry moss underfoot.

Question 4: For how long had the world been waiting for Spring?

Answer: The world had been waiting for Spring for a fortnight.

Question 5: What happened to the things that Spring’s green mantle touched?

Answer: Everything that Spring’s green mantle touched, instantly turned green itself. The brown moss put out little tufts of emerald velvet, fresh shoots came pushing up from the dead, dry grass, and even the shrubs and twigs against which the edges of the garment brushed broke out into tiny swelling buds, all ready to open into leaves.

Question 6: How did the Spring’s dressing room look like?

Answer: Spring’s dressing room looked marvellous. The ground was carpeted with soft, thick and brown pine needles, The pine-trees made a dense green wall around and the air was sweet with their spicy fragrance. On the ground were piled great heaps of buds, all ready to blossom; violets, hepatics, blood-root, while from under a huge pile of brown leaves peeped the pale pink buds of the Mayflower.

Question 7: What happened when Spring opened the carved casket?

Answer: When Spring opened the carved casket, a cloud of rainbow-tined butterflies, glitteringly, gayly fluttering flew out and hovered about the Spring’s head.

Question 8: Why do you think Winter ‘stumped over the dead leaves’?

Answer: I think Winter ‘stumped over the dead leaves’ to make a rustling and crackling sound with the dead leaves and wake up Spring.

Question 9: Why did Wind wish the trees joy of Winter’s departure?

Answer: Wind wished the trees joy of Winter’s departure because now, their bare branches would be covered again with green leaves due to the arrival of Spring.

Question 10: Why do you think Wind requested Spring to make her toilet speedily?

Answer: Wind requested Spring to make her toilet or get ready speedily because the world had been waiting for her for a fortnight.

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