The Tug of War Questions & Answers

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The Tug of War Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. What Umvundla loved most was

(a) to trouble other animals.
(b) to help others.
(c) to sleep all day long.
(d) to eat all day long.

2. Umvundla boasted to

(a) the other hares that he could beat them at tug war.
(b) Rhino and Hippo that he could beat them at tug of war.
(c) Rhino that he could not beat him at tug of war.
(d) Hippo that he did not enjoy playing tug of war.

3. Umvundla tied

(a) his leg to Rhino’s.
(b) Rhino’s leg to Hippo’s
(c) his own legs up.
(d) a rope to a rock.

Question 2: Why did Umvundla say he was stronger than Rhino and Hippo?

Answer: Umvundla said he was stronger than Rhino and Hippo because he felt like creating a bit fun for himself by playing pranks with Rhino and Hippo. He wanted to actually provoke them for playing a game of tug of war.

Question 3: What did Umvundla challenge Hippo to do?

Answer: Umvundla challenged Hippo to beat him in a ‘tug of war’.

Question 4: What did Umvundla do with a ‘great pretence of concern’? What had he done to Rhino just before this?

Answer: With a ‘great pretence of concern’ Umvundla pretended to remove red ants from the Rhino’s ear. But he pushed the ants further into the ear of Rhino.

He himself had quietly dropped those fierce little ants in Rhino’s ear just before this.

Question 5: How did the tug of war begin?

Answer: Umvundla managed to convinced Hippo and Rhino to defeat him in tug of war. It was a trick. When the red ants started biting Rhino inside his ear, he charged. As one end of the rope was tied to his leg and the other end to Hippo’s, the latter was pulled. This made him angry and he too pulled. That is how, the tug of war began.

Question 6: When did Hippo and Rhino realise that they had been tricked? What did they do then?

Answer: Umvundla laughed so much that he fell over and went rolling down the side of the anthill. When they saw him there, they realised that they had been tricked. Roaring with anger, then they charged at Umvundla to punish him.

Question 7: Why is Rhino bad-tempered even to this day?

Answer: Rhino bad-tempered even to this day because he thinks that the little red ants are still in his ears. Also, some say that the ants are so far down that they live in his brain.

Question 8: Hippo thought Umvundla was acting silly. Do you agree?

Answer: Yes, I agree. This is because in a game like tug of war, we know that hare is not a match to Hippo as Hippo is much stronger than hare. So, it sounds very silly.

Question 9: Both Hippo and Rhino were tricked by Umvundla. What does this tell us about them?

Answer: Both Hippo and Rhino were tricked by Umvundla. This tells us that they were foolish. They could not judge that they were being tricked by such a small animal. Moreover, when they saw him laughing at them, they charged at him, crashed each other with head-on, hurting each other terribly.

So, these were The Tug of War Questions & Answers.

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