Where Is My Mother Questions & Answers

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Where Is My Mother Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Dismay writ large on their faces – a worried look on their faces
  • Hobbled with ropes – tied with ropes
  • With extreme caution – very carefully
  • A frayed look – a tattered, ragged look
  • Probed the interior – here, looked inside closely
  • Snapping its fetters – breaking loose
  • Given the game away – here, made it obvious to the poachers that someone had cut the ropes
  • Harried – harassed
  • Electric – here, sudden and exciting
  • Spliced bamboo – bamboo whose ends are joined by weaving rope around them

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The elephant herd had entered the village to

i. eat the paddy crop
ii. look for a missing calf
iii. get away from the poachers
iv. eat bananas and sugarcane

(b) Dhanai, Babul and Jonti had looks of dismay on their faces because

i. the guard was blocking the entrance
ii. they could not see clearly.
iii. a man was guarding the cowshed.
iv. the baby elephant was in the shed.

(c) The elephant calf was crying because it

i. was injured.
ii. had been separated from its herd.
iii. did not like the torch beam on its face.
iv. was happy to see the three boys.

(d) The calf expressed its love for Babul by

i. offering no resistance.
ii. trumpeting loudly.
iii. crying gently.
iv. curling it trunk around him.

(e) The guard was harassed because

i. he could not catch the runaway calf.
ii. the three boys tied him up.
iii. the bull had disturbed his sleep.
iv. the boys had managed to escape.

(f) Dhanai let out a piercing whistle because he wanted to

i. know the location of the mother elephant.
ii. scare the calf.
iii. make the calf come towards them.
iv. practice what his father had taught him.

Question 2: “Get the koonki” Nalia Barker. What is a koonki? Why did Nalia want to get it?

Answer: A koonki is a trained elephant. Nalia wanted to use the koonki to capture the baby elephant again.

Question 3: How did the boys help the baby elephant escape?

Answer: Babul, Jhonti and Dhanai slipped into the cowshed where the baby elephant was tied, soothed the calf and cut the ropes away for it to escape. The calf rammed into the guard and crashed to the wall. Dhanai whistled and the calf ran in the direction from where the sound of the whistle had come. Babul and Dhanai led it towards the sanctuary. The mother elephant’s trumpet could be heard from the sanctuary which was recognized by the calf and the calf ran towards its mother and reunited with her.

Question 4: Why did Jhonti set up a trap for Nalia and his men?

Answer: Jhonti had set up a trap for Nalia and his men to ensure that they did not chase the baby elephant to capture it again. At the same time, Dhanai and Babul needed time to reunite the calf with its mother and sent it back to the sanctuary. So, Jhonti stayed back to lay the trap.

Question 5: How did the mother elephant greet her baby?

Answer: The mother elephant greeted its calf with a loud and delightful trumpet.

Question 6: Choose the words that mean the same as the phrases:

(a) Pushed with force

i. probed
ii. rammed
iii. stroked
iv. responded

(b) Moved quietly on his toes

i. tiptoed
ii. hobbled
iii. crawled
iv. sensed

(c) Warm and loving

i. joyous
ii. gentle
iii. affectionate
iv. delightful

(d) Climbed something high

i. scaled
ii. measured
iii. dashed
iv. paced

So, these were Where Is My Mother Questions & Answers.

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