Birds Of Paradise Questions & Answers

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Birds Of Paradise Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • A cadenced clang – a regular pattern of metallic sound
  • Wings of flame – bright wings of many colours
  • Flashing flame – here, bright colours
  • Flashing – sudden burst of light
  • Darted – metallic sound

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) What is the poet talking about in this poem?

i. birds
ii. horses
iii. trees

(b) What were the birds doing?

i. dancing
ii. singing
iii. sleeping

(c) The line singing songs in their own tongue means that the birds were

i. making a lot of noise
ii. singing typically like their species
iii. singing in English

(d) What did the wind whistle through?

i. mountain
ii. valley
iii. wings

(e) What is the beauty of the wings being compared to?

i. flashing flame
ii. splashing water
iii. howling wind

(f) Which other line from the poem refers to the ‘tongue’ of the birds?

i. In their proper speech
ii. Their silver wings tinkled
iii. Winged with flashing flame

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) The birds had wings made of gold – False
(b) The birds were colourful – True
(c) The birds looked like they belonged to Heaven – True
(d) The birds of paradise have no nest on the earth – True
(e) The birds had no names – True
(f) The birds were communicating with one another – True
(g) The poet does not like the birds of paradise – False

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Why do you think the poet refers to the birds as ‘birds without name’?

Answer: The poet referred to the birds as ‘birds without name’ because they have such beautiful appearance that they seem to have come from paradise (heaven) and do not belong to earth.

(b) What do you understand by the terms ‘golden-winged’ and ‘silver-winged’?

Answer: The terms ‘golden-winged’ and ‘silver-winged’ means wings of angels.

(c) ‘High above my head they wheeled, far out of reach’ Do you think the poet expresses sadness in the birds being out of reach?

Answer: No, the poet doesn’t express sadness but he is amazed at their flight.

Question 4: Where according to the poet, the birds sang?

Answer: According to the poet, the birds sang in heaven.

Question 5: What were the birds trying to do?

Answer: The birds were trying to scale the skies.

Question 6: What effect was created by the birds’ wings?

Answer: When the birds flapped their wings, it created a flashing effect.

Question 7: How were the birds communicating with one another?

Answer: The birds seemed to be calling each other and each one was answering another one. They had their own proper speech.

Question 8: Why was the poet fascinated by these birds?

Answer: The poet was fascinated by the birds that had golden and silver wings. The way the birds sang and talked, they seemed to be out of earth.

Question 9: Why did the poet think the birds were without ‘nest on Earth’?

Answer: The poet thought so because the birds flew so high in the sky that it looked like they did not have a home on the earth but rather in paradise. Moreover, they have such beautiful appearance that they seem to have come from paradise (heaven) and do not belong to earth.

So, these were Birds Of Paradise Questions & Answers.

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