Emperor Penguins Questions & Answers

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Emperor Penguins Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Extreme – intense
  • Waddling – walking with short steps
  • Blizzards – snow storms
  • Ashore – on shore
  • Huddle – crowd
  • Flippers – broad, flat limbs for swimming
  • Fierce – violent

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Emperor penguins are the_________of all the penguins.

i. largest
ii. friendliest
iii. prettiest

(b) The emperor penguins are found in_________.

i. Liberia
ii. Antarctic
iii. Pacific

(c) Immediately after the mummy penguin produces the egg, she puts it on her_________.

i. flippers
ii. blubber
iii. feet

(d) Mummy penguins feed their chicks with half digested_________.

i. fish
ii. birds
iii. seals

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) Emperor penguins are able to live in extreme cold of the Antarctic winters – True
(b) The female counterparts of emperor penguins produce two eggs – False
(c) Father penguin takes the egg from mummy almost at once – True
(d) The egg is kept warm by a fold of feathered skin hanging down from the penguin’s stomach – True
(e) The eggs hatch in thirty-five days – False

Question 3: Describe the winter in the Antarctic.

Answer: The winter in the Antarctic is very fierce. There are blizzards and howling winds and is total darkness for a month.

Question 4: Who lays the egg? Who takes care of the egg?

Answer: The female penguin lays the egg. The father penguin takes care of the egg.

Question 5: For how many months the emperor penguins huddle together?

Answer: The emperor penguins huddle together for two months.

Question 6: How many days does it take for eggs to hatch? Who feeds the chick and with what?

Answer: It takes almost sixty days for the eggs to hatch. The mother penguin feeds the chick with half-digested fish.

Question 7: What happens at the end of the long winter?

Answer: At the end of the long winter, the penguins go to the sea for swimming and feeding.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

‘They try to keep warm in spite of fierce blizzards and howling winds.’

(a) Who are they referred to in the given line?

Answer: They are referred to male penguins.

(b) How do they keep warm?

Answer: They keep the egg warm by a fold of feathered skin that hangs down from his stomach. For the next two months, they huddle closely together with the eggs on their feet.

So, these were Emperor Penguins Questions & Answers.

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