Wild Duck Questions & Answers

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Wild Duck Questions & Answers

Question 1: Untill the birds arrived, the boy barely spoke to the man. He only showed interest in what they were doing when the birds started to fly in. Why do you think he did this?

Answer: Untill the birds arrived; the boy barely spoke to the man. He only showed interest in what they were doing when the birds started to fly in. He did this because it was his passion to watch birds and after seeing a huge number of teal, he was spellbound.

Question 2: The sky deepened; the water turned black. What is happening here? Describe it in your own words.

Answer: Here, the birds are beginning to fly across the lake and are arriving in flocks. They have arrived in such large numbers that it is as if they have blotted out the light from the sun. the reflections of these numerous birds have been cast upon the water giving it a dark colour as well.

Question 3: The boy looked frightened at what he had done. What had the boy done and why was he frightened by it?

Answer: The boy raised his rifle, aimed and fired a leader duck, but when he saw that the duck had fallen and it was helpless the boy thought that the duck was dead. The thought that he had taken another creature’s life frightened him.

Question 4: “You’ll have to look after it.” Do you think the man wanted the boy to look after the duck? What makes you think so? How did the boy react? Do you think the man expected him to react like this?

Answer: No, the man did not want the boy to look after the duck. We know this because the manner in which he said this indicated that he wanted to stop the boy from looking after the duck by implying that it was a big responsibility. To this, the boy responded that he wanted to go home, indicating that he was sure that he wanted to take on this responsibility. It was also a message to his father that he did not agree with the idea of hunting. When his father persisted with his question hoping to change his mind, the boy replied firmly, showing us that he was not willing to do so. The boy’s reaction surprised his father who, until now, did not realise that his son felt differently about hunting.

Question 5: What was the boy’s state of mind when he told his father that he threw away the gun? Why do you think he reacted this way?

Answer: The boy was bold enough to make a decision that went against his father and then, tell his father the truth about what he had done. This tells us that at that point, the boy was sure about his principles and felt brave enough to go against his father.

Question 6: At first, the man got vey angry with his son for throwing the gun away. His anger then changed to relief. Why do you think this happened?

Answer: The father’s reaction changed from anger to relief because he now understood that the gun represented violence against a living creature. With the gun gone, he would no longer be able to hurt or harm another animal. He also realised that this incident made him look at animals with compassion and thus was relieved that the gun was gone.

Question 7: Complete the sentences:

(a) The boy watched the birds in fascination because

Answer: He loved birds and enjoyed watching them.

(b) The man was able to tell the boy how the birds would move and which direction they would take because

Answer: He had hunted before and knew very well how the birds would behave.

(c) They boy took the duck home because

Answer: He felt guilty for having shot and wounded it and felt responsible for its sorry state.

(d) At the beginning, the man was teaching the boy to kill, but in the end,…..

Answer: The boy taught the man how to show compassion to all living beings.

So, these were Wild Duck Questions & Answers.

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