The Thief Is Caught Questions & Answers

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The Thief Is Caught Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) It was_________idea to become detectives and get the money back from Black Hat.

i. Emil’s
ii. Paul’s
iii. Tuesday’s

(b) Black Hat first___________

i. went to a hotel, then to a bakery and then to the bank
ii. went to a railway station, then to the hotel and then to the café.
iii. went to a café, then to a hotel and then to the bank.

(c) Emil entered the bank with________.

i. Paul
ii. Fifty boys
iii. three other boys

(d) The___________checked the notes.

i. clerk
ii. manager
iii. cashier

(e) Black Hat was a_________.

i. fraud
ii. kidnapper
iii. thief

(f) Emil’s reward was a__________.

i. a gold medal
ii. a big sum of money
iii. a certificate

Question 2: How did Emil guess the Black Hat had taken his money?

Answer: Emil did not like Black Hat from the moment he saw him in the compartment of the train. When Emil was left alone with Black Hat in the compartment, he decided to watch the man carefully. When Emil woke up from his nap, he realised that Black Hat was gone and so was his money. So, he guessed that Black Hat had taken his money.

Question 3: Where did Emil meet Paul?

Answer: Emil started following Black Hat into the town from the station. When Black Hat went into a café, Emil kept watching him with anger and sadness. Noticing that Emil was looking worried, Paul came up and asked him what the matter was. This is how Paul and Emil met.

Question 4: What did Paul do after he promised to help Emil?

Answer: After he promised to help Emil, Paul first gathered his friends and thought of a plan to catch Black Hat.

Question 5: Why did Paul send Tuesday home? What did he tell him?

Answer: Paul sent Tuesday home because only Tuesday had a telephone at home. He told him to go home and wait for his phone call with all the news.

Question 6: How did the boys frighten Black Hat?

Answer: The boys frightened Black Hat by following him everywhere he went and doing everything he did.

Question 7: From whom did Emil get reward and why?

Answer: Emil got reward from the police. Black Hat was a notorious thief and the police were looking for him. They had promised a handsome reward to anyone who helped them catch the thief. Emil had helped the police by trapping Black Hat at the bank.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

“We’ll also need some food and money.”

(a) Who says this and to whom?

Answer: Paul said this to Tuesday and the other boys.

(b) Why did they need food and money?

Answer: Paul said they needed food because he thought catching Black Hat might take a long time and the boys might feel hungry. They needed money to pay for services like a public telephone and a taxi.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

“That’s what we want him to do.”

(a) Who says this? Who is ‘him’ here?

Answer: Emil said these lines. ‘Him’ refers to Black Hat.

(b) What does the speaker want ‘him’ to do and why?

Answer: Emil’s plan was that Black Hat would see all of the boys, get frightened and throw away the money.

So, these were The Thief Is Caught Questions & Answers.

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