The Other Side Questions & Answers

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The Other Side Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Yonder – at some distance
  • Laundry – freshly washed clothes
  • Never said nothing – an American way of saying
  • Looked at me funny – strangely
  • Made believe – pretended

Question 1: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
a. Clover suddenly found everything on the other side of the fence so far away becausei. she realized that she and Annie were doing the right thing by treating each other like human beings who are equal in all respects.
b. Annie always waited around near the fence becauseii. she wouldn’t have a reason to go out and play in the puddles with Annie.
c. Clover’s mother insisted that she play with her toys indoors when it rained so thatiii. she wanted to be friends with the black girls, despite what everyone else on her side of the fence thought about them.
d. Clover’s mother changed her mind about letting Clover sit on the fence becauseiv. she had just met a little white girl who wanted to be her friend but knew that the fence was meant to keep them apart.
Answer: a-iv, b-iii, c-ii, d-i

Question 2: Why did Clover’s mother warn her not to climb the fence?

Answer: Clover’s mother warned her not to climb the fence because she believed that it wasn’t safe.

Question 3: I don’t know what I would have said. Why was Clover unsure of her answer? How did this make her different from the others on her side of the fence?

Answer: Clover unsure of her answer because she was also attracted towards the girl on the other side and wanted to befriend her. This makes her different from the others on her side of the fence.

Question 4: I felt brave that day. I felt free. What did Clover do after this? Why did she use the words brave and free to describe how she felt about what she was going to do?

Answer: Clover went near the fence and talked to the girl on the other side. She used the words brave and free because before this she had seen Annie several times but never dared to go close even to the fence.

Question 5: “A fence like this was made for sitting on”. What do you think Annie was trying to say here? How was this different from the way the fence had been used until now?

Answer: I think, through this line, Annie was trying to say that they should not think about the differences that prevail but they should sit on it. Until now, this fence was used to separate the blacks from the white people which is totally different from the way it is being used now.

Question 6: How did Sandra and the others react when they saw Clover talking to Annie? How did their behaviour make Clover feel?

Answer: When Sandra and the others saw Clover talking to Annie, they behaved Weirdly and gave them a strange look. However, Clover did not show any change in her talking and she acted as if she doesn’t care.

So, these were The Other Side Questions & Answers.

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