A Bright Idea Questions & Answers

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A Bright Idea Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Couch potato – a person who watches a lot of television, and does not exercise
  • Strange – (here) surprising tree house: a house built on a tree for children to play in
  • Twinkle – shine

Question 1: Did the children watch television all day long?

Answer: Yes, they did watch television all day long.

Question 2: What did Mother tell them to do?

Answer: Mother told them to go and play outside.

Question 3: Why did they not play badminton?

Answer: They did not play badminton because they said that they do not have a shuttle.

Question 4: Did they finally go out to play?

Answer: Yes, they did go out to lay the next day.

Question 5: Look at the words in bold and circle the person referred to here.

1. “But we have no shuttle.” (Mother and Father/Leena and Sid)

Answer: Leena and Sid

2. “Why don’t you go and see for yourself.” (Sid/Leena and Sid/Mother)

Answer: Leena and Sid

3. “What are they doing up that tree?” (Sid and Leena/the workers/ Mother and Sid)

Answer: the workers

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions.

1. “Do not be couch potatoes!”

a. Who is speaking and to whom?

Answer: Mother is talking to Sid and Leena.

b. What is she worried about?

Answer: She is worried that the children will become lazy and fat.

c. What does she do?

Answer: She asks workers to build a tree house outside.

2. “A tree house! Wow! They are building a tree house, Leena!”

a. Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Sid to Leena.

b. Who were building the tree house? For whom?

Answer: Some workers were building the tree house. It was for the children.

c. Why did Mother smile happily?

Answer: Mother smiled happily because she wanted her children to play outdoors and the children went outside to play on the tree house. So, her plan was successful.

Question 7: “We don’t know what to play.” Do you think they had nothing to play with? Give reasons.

Answer: No, I don’t think so. They did not want to play outside and were being lazy.

Question 8: What did they watch on TV?

Answer: They watched cartoons on TV.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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