A Day In The Country Questions & Answers

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A Day In The Country Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Why was Fyokla looking for Terenty?

(a) The weather had changed.
(b) She was scared of the storm.
(c) Her brother had had an accident.
(d) All of the above.

2. Why did the little girl come looking for Terenty?

(a) He knew a lot about nature.
(b) He was tall and sturdy.
(c) He could run very fast.
(d) He was kind and helpful.

3. Why was Terenty respected?

(a) He was helpful.
(b) He was old and weak.
(c) He was knowledgeable.
(d) He looked after all children.

Question 2: What was the effect of the change of weather on the following:

(a) The sky

Answer: The sky went dark as the sun was covered by the clouds. Not a speck of blue was seen in the sky.

(b) The grass and trees

Answer: The grass and the trees were washed by the rain and the leaves looked the fresher and greener.

(c) The people of the village

Answer: The people ran to their huts to shelter themselves from the coming storm.

Question 3: What happened to Danilka? What caused the accident? How did Terenty help him?

Answer: Danilka had struck his hand in a hole in a lime tree and he could not pull his hand out.

Danilka’s desire to get a Cuckoo’s egg from inside the hole led to the accident. Terenty helped him by snapping off the broken pieces of wood from the edges of the hole and pulling out Danilka’s hand.

Question 4: Danilka looks at Terenty and greedily drinks in every word.

(a) What is Danilka’s mood here?

Answer: Danilka is keen to learn more about nature from Terenty.

(b) Where were they?

Answer: They were walking aimlessly through the field towards the river.

(c) What was Terenty telling him?

Answer: Terenty talked about the beauty of the earth, the wonders of the various creatures living in it and all that he had learnt from his experiences with nature.

Question 5: Why was Fyokla looking for Terenty?

Answer: Fyokla, the little girl was looking for Terenty because Danilka, her elder brother had struck his hand in a hole in a lime tree and he could not pull his hand out.

Terenty was the only person in the village who could help them out this trouble.

Question 6: Why does no one answer her question, ‘Where is Terenty’?

Answer: When Fyokla was searching Terenty in the village, she kept asking, ‘Where is Terenty’ to everyone but no one answered her because all were busy to settle down as the storm was coming.

Question 7: How does the author describe Terenty?

Answer: Terenty was a tall old man with a thin, pockmarked face, very long leg, and bare feet, dressed in a woman’s tattered jacket. On his long crane-like legs, he swayed in the wind.

Question 8: ‘Don’t be afraid! It is not from spite that it thunders,’ said Terenty. What does this statement tell us about him?

Answer: The above lines tell us about Terenty that he was a very wise man though he had never attended any school or college. This also shows that Terenty was very caring as he took care of the children.

A Day In The Country Questions & Answers

Question 9: How did Fyokla feel when she heard the thunder?

Answer: Fyokla felt that something big, heavy and round was rolling over the sky, and tearing it open exactly over her head.

Question 10: What is the immediate reaction of Danilka when he sees Terenty?

Answer: When Danilka sees Terenty, he says to him that he has never seen such a storm in his life. He requested Terenty to release his hand from the tree.

Question 11: Why does the boy not think of his trouble while looking at the stormy sky?

Answer: The boy was gazing at the stormy sky and apparently, he forgot to think of his trouble.

Question 12: What is the effect of rain on the ant heap?

Answer: The ant heap is broken down by the rain and all the ants started to drown.

Question 13: ‘He knows everything’. Why does the author say so?

Answer: The author says so because Terenty knew the names of all the wild flowers, animals and stones. He knew the herbs that cure diseases, he had no difficulty in telling the age of a horse or a cow. Looking at the sunset, the moon, or the birds, he could tell what sort of weather it would be the next day.

Question 14: What does Terenty do when he sees the sleeping children in the barn?

Answer: When Terenty sees the sleeping children in the barn, he puts bread under their pillows. Terenty shows his love in absence of all.

Question 15: The story reflects Terenty’s love for the children. Give three reasons to prove this.

Answer: When Fyokla came to him asking for help, he looked lovingly at her. He was gentle with her. As soon as he heard of Danilka’s ordeal, he rushed to help him out of danger. Terenty answered all the questions asked by the children. At night, he put bread under their heads. This proves his love for the children.

Question 16: The children were impoverished but joyful. Justify the statement.

Answer: The children slept in a barn where the community kept their corn. The day’s adventures tell us that they led a joyful life. Both enjoyed spending time with nature.

Question 17: Read the lines and answer the questions:

The barefoot child is pale, her eyes are wide open, her lips are trembling.

(a) Who is the child?

Answer: The child is Fyokla.

(b) What state of mind is she in?

Answer: Fyokla is very anxious and afraid.

(c) What does she want to know and why?

Answer: She is looking for the cobbler, Terenty because he was the only person in the village who could help her.

So, these were A Day In The Country Questions & Answers.

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