The Diamond Maker Questions & Answers

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The Diamond Maker Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where did the narrator meet the mysterious man?

Answer: Once after a hard day’s work, the narrator had a headache and wanted to get away from the noise of the city, so he went down to the Embankment near the Waterloo Bridge in Westminster. This is where he met the mysterious man.

Question 2: Why is the narrator shocked when the man talks about throwing away name, wealth and position and doing a small business?

Answer: The stranger seemed hopelessly poor. He was ragged and dirty, unshaven and unkempt; he looked as though he had been left in a dustbin for a week. And then he started talking of the worries of a large business. This shocked the narrator who did not expect such a poor man to talk like this.

Question 3: How does the man prove that he was not lying about himself?

Answer: The man unbuttoned his tattered coat and pulled out a little canvas bag, untied it, opened it and took out a brown pebble that he claimed was a synthetic diamond. He then went onto explain that he made that diamond by himself and also explained the process of its creation.

Question 4: Why did the man want to keep his diamond making business a secret?

Answer: The man wanted to keep his diamond making business a secret because it was against government policies and it could be very dangerous. Moreover, if somebody came to know of his plans, they could steal his idea and profit from it.

Question 5: Why was the man unable to sell his diamonds?

Answer: For a poor man to convince someone that the diamonds were genuine was very tough. The fact that he had created them himself and without the permission of government would have made anyone suspicious.

Question 6: What do you think happened to the man in the end?

Answer: I think that the man might have died in starvation and his precious diamonds were misplaced.

Question 7: The story shows how it is always a bad idea to access others on stereotypes rather than actions. How does he bring this out?

Answer: The narrator met a ragged, unshaven, hopelessly poor man on the bridge. His talk of diamonds and how he made them was unbelievable to the narrator because of his appearance. In the story, we also see how the man’s neighbour had wrongfully accused him of being an anarchist for carrying out experiments in his house. His secretive nature made him a suspicious person in the eyes of society and he had to be on the run since then.

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