Pocahontas Questions & Answers

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Pocahontas Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Captain John Smith and his men wanted to establish Jamestown to

i. find gold and riches
ii. set up a settlement
iii. make a shorter trade route to Asia
iv. All of the above.

(b) Pocahontas is remembered best as

i. a brave and fierce warrior.
ii. a beautiful princess
iii. a symbol of peace
iv. an intelligent girl

(c) The reason Captain John Smith was not successful in his mission was that

i. his men were not used to physical labour
ii. he was in a hurry to complete a job
iii. he became greedy and treacherous
iv. the natives were hostile

Question 2: Who was Pocahontas? How did she get her name?

Answer: Pocahontas was the daughter of Powhatan, the powerful chief of the Powhatan Confederacy. She was favourite daughter of her father and attracted special notice for her beauty and liveliness. Hence, she got the name Pocahontas which means ‘playful one’.

Question 3: Why did the Powhatans not like the settlers?

Answer: The Powhatans did not like the settlers because in the past, the white people had killed many of their people to take their land. They considered them to be dangerous. They believed that white men brought problems with them and had magical powers and thunder sticks with which they could kill anyone with ease. Moreover, white men were there to take away their land, their lakes, their rivers and their forests. Although the Powhatans offered gifts of food, they also sometimes attacked colonists who were found outside their settlements.

Question 4: How did Pocahontas help James Smith twice?

Answer: When Captain Smith and his men went into the forest to look for food, they were captured by the tribe and taken to Chief Powhatan. Powhatan and his tribe wanted to kill him but Pocahontas begged her father to spare the white man and saved John Smith’s life. Secondly, when more ships from England came to Jamestown, Powhatan was concerned about the future of his tribe and refused to give them more food. Powhatan planned to kill John Smith. He suggested Captain Smith to sleep in the small cabin near the river. Captain Smith was unaware of the chief’s intention. Pocahontas warned him of the ambush planned by her father. Captain Smith did not wait any longer and left for Jamestown in the middle of the night. Hence, she saved his life again.

Pocahontas Questions & Answers

Question 5: How did Captain Argall manage to capture Pocahontas as a hostage?

Answer: When Chief Powhatan declared war on the settlers, he sent Pocahontas to live with the Potomac tribe. There Pocahontas met Captain Samuel Argall who was friend of Chief Japazaws, the head of the Potomac tribe. Captain Argall invited Chief Japazaws, his wife and Pocahontas to see his ship. The chief and his wife managed to lure Pocahontas onto Argall’s ship. They were well looked after but by sunset Pocahontas realised that she was Captain Argall’s prisoner. Chief and his wife had helped Captain Argall capture Pocahontas for a payment of a copper kettle and some coloured beads.

Question 6: What did Captain Argall expect to achieve by holding Pocahontas to ransom?

Answer: Captain Argall captured Pocahontas and sent word to Powhatan that she would be freed if Powhatan would release the English prisoners and also return the English weapons and tools that his warriors had taken.

Question 7: How did captivity change Pocahontas’ life forever?

Answer: Captivity changed Pocahontas’ life forever as she became a Christian and was named Rebecca. She married John Rolfe, a young tobacco farmer and gave birth to a son, Thomas. She was the first Native American to marry a white man.

Question 8: Why did Pocahontas go to England?

Answer: Pocahontas and her family went to England to settle peace between the natives and the Englishmen in Jamestown and with the goal of raising support for their settlements.

Question 9: How was Pocahontas received in England?

Answer: Pocahontas was welcomed in England warmly. An artist created her portrait for the Virginia Company to publicize her visit. The London society as well as important investors met her and found her enchanting. Pocahontas caused great sensation and she also met some of the city’s most important people. She even met King James I and John Smith too after many years.

So, these were Pocahontas Questions & Answers.

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