Somebody’s Mother Questions & Answers

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Somebody’s Mother Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Anxious – worried
  • Heeded – to pay attention
  • Throng – a crowd of people
  • Hailing – cheering to welcome
  • Gray – lacking in cheer; gloomy
  • Crowd her down – push into a small space
  • Trembling – shaking
  • Hastened – hurried
  • Flock – group
  • Bowed – bend to pay honour

Question 1: Describe the kind of a woman in the poem?

Answer: The woman in the poem was old ragged and grey. She was bent with the chill of winter’s day.

Question 2: Describe the old woman’s clothes, posture and looks.

Answer: The old lady was wearing ragged clothes and her body was bend due to chill in of the winter’s day. She looked very sad and fearful.

Question 3: Where was the woman standing and why?

Answer: The woman was standing at the cross as she wanted to cross the road.

Question 4: What kind of a day was it?

Answer: It was a winter’s day that was cold and wet due to recent snow.

Somebody’s Mother Questions & Answers

Question 5: Why was the woman very anxious?

Answer: The woman was anxious if she moved she would fall down the slippery road as her feet were aged and weak. She waited long for help but nobody came to help her.

Question 6: What did the people in the street do for the old woman?

Answer: The people in the street just passed by the old lady and did not pay any attention to the looks of her worried eyes.

Question 7: What are the children in the poem compared to?

Answer: The children in the poem are compared to the flock of sheep.

Question 8: Did the old woman get a helping hand from the boys?

Answer: The boys did not lend a helping hand to the old woman.

Question 9: What did the schoolboy do for her and how?

Answer: The schoolboy took her aged hands in his strong young arm and helped her to cross the road safely.

Question 10: What made the boy feel contented?

Answer: The boy felt contented because he had helped a poor, aged and weak woman to cross the road.

Question 11: What did the boy tell his friends?

Answer: The boy told his friends that he helped the old lady thinking someday someone would help her old mother in a similar situation when he might be far away from her.

Somebody’s Mother Questions & Answers

Question 12: What are the lines that describe how the people in the street behaved?

Answer: The lines that describe how the people in the street behaved are “Of human beings who passed her by, Nor heeded the glance of her anxious eyes.”

Question 13: What did the old woman say in her prayers that night?

Answer: That night in her prayers, the old woman said that God would be kind to the noble boy who helped her to cross the road.

Question 14: What message does this poem teach us?

Answer: This poem teaches us the lesson that we should help old, poor and weak people.

Question 15: Write three pairs of rhyming words from the poem.

Answer: Long-throng, sheep-deep and know-slow.

So, these were Somebody’s Mother Questions & Answers.

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