A Great Saint Questions & Answers

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A Great Saint Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete these sentences:

1. Porbandar is situated in Gujarat.
2. Gandhiji’s full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
3. Gandhiji fought against the British without arms.
4. Gandhiji was called a Mahatma because he was a truly religious person.
5. Gandhiji was always simple in his thoughts and actions.
6. The American gentleman wanted to know from Gandhiji why he travelled in third carriage.
7. The little boy was surprised to see Gandhiji in a dhoti only.
8. Gandhiji wore no shirt because in his country there were millions who had nothing to put on.
9. The seats in Gandhiji’s compartment were all wooden with no cushions or covers on them.

Question 2: When and where was Gandhiji born?

Answer: Gandhiji was born on 2 October, 1869 in Porbandar which is in Gujarat.

Question 3: What was unusual about Gandhiji as a child?

Answer: Gandhiji had all the makings of a great man in his childhood.

Question 4: Which battle did Gandhiji win and how?

Answer: Gandhiji won the battle of India’s freedom against the British. He won this battle without using any weapons.

Question 5: How can you say that people loved Gandhiji?

Answer: People called Gandhiji Bapu Gandhi. ‘Bapu’ is a Hindi word for ‘father’. It shows people loved Gandhiji like a father.

Question 6: What kind of life did Gandhiji live and why?

Answer: Gandhiji lived a very simple life. He knew the people of his country were poor and he wanted to live like the poorest of his people. So, he lived a very simple life.

Question 7: Why did Gandhiji always travel third class?

Answer: Gandhiji wanted to live like the poor of his country. He travelled third because all poor in India travelled third.

Question 8: What were the American ladies surprised about?

Answer: Gandhiji was a great leader of the Indian people. The American ladies were surprised to see that Gandhiji travelled third though he was a great leader of his people.

Question 9: How did Gandhiji get his clothes to wear?

Answer: Gandhiji always wore khadi. He himself spun for the clothes that he wore.

Question 10: How can you say that Gandhiji was a great saint?

Answer: Gandhiji could live a rich life if he wanted. But he lived like the poorest of his people. So, we can say he was truly a saint.

So, these were A Great Saint Questions & Answers.

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