Aesop’s Fables Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Aesop’s Fables Questions & Answers.

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Aesop’s Fables Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and Find:

1. A manger is a long open box that cows and horses can eat from.
2. Zeus sent a stork to rule over the frogs.
3. It is said that Aesop lived in Greece about 2600 years ago.
4. The dog did not let the cows eat the hay from the manger.
5. The frogs should have remained contented with their lot.
6. The frogs had no good opinion of the log.
7. Aesop told the Greeks the story of ‘Frogs who wanted a king to rule over them’.

Question 2: Who was La Fontaine?

Answer: La Fontaine was a French writer who put down Aesop’s fables in French.

Question 3: What are Aesop’s fables?

Answer: Aesop’s fables are short stories in which the main characters are usually birds and animals. These animal characters speak and act as humans do.

Question 4: Why was Zeus annoyed with the frogs?

Answer: The frogs were pestering Zeus for a king though they had no need of it. So, Zeus was annoyed.

Question 5: Why did Zeus throw a log into the pond?

Answer: Zeus did it so that the frogs would take it for their king and be satisfied with it.

Question 6: Who would you call ‘a dog in the manger’?

Answer: A person who doesn’t let others have something of which he himself has no use, is called ‘a dog in the manger’.

Question 7: How have Aesop’s fables come down to us?

Answer: At first, Aesop’s fables were not written down. Young people heard them from their elders. Thus, these fables passed from one generation to the other. The, about 350 years ago, a Frenchman named La Fontaine put them down in French. Now, we have their translations in almost all languages of the world.

Question 8: Why was Aesop given freedom by his master?

Answer: Aesop was very good at storytelling. His master was so pleased with him that he gave him freedom from his bondage.

Question 9: What did the people in Greece want and why?

Answer: The people in Greece did not like the king who was ruling them. So, they wanted a new king.

So, these were Aesop’s Fables Questions & Answers.

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