Gardens and Gardening Questions & Answers

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Gardens and Gardening Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is a garden?

Answer: A garden is a plot of land on which flowers, vegetables, fruits, etc. can be grown.

Question 2: Define the following:

i. Terrarium

Answer: A terrarium is a box with sides of glass in which plants can be grown.

ii. Greenhouse

Answer: A greenhouse is a building with sides of glass and a glass roof. Plants that need protection from cold weather are usually grown in a greenhouse.

iii. A kitchen garden

Answer: A kitchen garden is a household garden in which vegetables or fruit can be grown.

iv. A botanical garden

Answer: A botanical garden is an area of land where plants and trees are grown for scientific study.

Question 3: Name the different types of gardens that can be grown.

Answer: The different types of gardens that can be grown are – house gardens, window-box gardens, container gardens, bottle gardens, indoor gardens, greenhouse gardens, market gardens, botanical gardens, terrariums and many others.

Question 4: How is gardening an enjoyable activity?

Answer: Gardening brings us joy as well as satisfaction. When we grow a plant and see it bearing lovely blossoms, our heart is filled with joy and pride.

Question 5: What points should be kept in mind before growing a garden?

Answer: First of all, we should know what kind of plants will grow well in the climate, soil and space we have with us. We must also take into account the supply of water that we should have for watering the plants.

Question 6: What four things are needed for anything that can grow?

Answer: Light, water, air and food are needed for anything that can grow.

Question 7: How will you proceed to grow your garden?

Answer: First of all, we should choose a site that has good soil and water supply. Then we should dig the soil to make it loose. And to get rid of stones and weeds, the soil should be raked. Suitable plant food should be added to the soil.

Question 8: What care has to be taken to grow plants in a window-box?

Answer: We should make sure that the window-box is strongly built. It should be firmly supported, for it can be very heavy when filled with soil.

Question 9: What are container gardens? What care has to be taken about them?

Answer: Container gardens need only partial sunlight. Therefore, they should not be placed in a hot sunny window. If we do so, the plants will be cooked.

Question 10: What is meant by transplanting? How should it be done?

Answer: Transplanting means removing a growing plant to another place. It should be done quickly. The root must be kept moist and surrounded by earth.

Question 11: Name some garden tools that are used for digging.

Answer: Garden tools used for digging are – the spade, the fork, the rake and the hoe.

Question 12: Explain in brief the use of a hoe.

Answer: The hoe is used to loosen soil and to uproot weeds. Some hoes have to be pushed while others have to be pulled.

Question 13: Name the tool that you would use for each of the following:

1. For digging – spade or rake
2. For cutting grass – lawn-mower or shears
3. For cutting hedges – shears
4. For smoothing the soil – rake
5. For watering the plants – watering can
6. For gathering leaves or grass – rake or fork
7. For taking away cut grass, hedges, weed, etc. – wheelbarrow

So, these were Gardens and Gardening Questions & Answers.

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