The Cat Family of India Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Cat Family of India Questions & Answers.

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The Cat Family of India Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. The lion is a cat – True
2. Tigers don’t have whiskers – False
3. The Indian lion has a mane – False
4. A leopard can’t climb up a tree – False
5. A group of lions is called a pride – True
6. We don’t have any national park in India – False
7. A leopard shares its kill with other animals – False
8. The average height of a tiger is 9-10 feet – False

Question 2: When do tigers hunt?

Answer: Tigers hunt by night.

Question 3: How does a tiger look?

Answer: A tiger looks like a big cat. It is 9-10 feet in length. It has a yellowish fur with black stripes. It is a very strong animal.

Question 4: How big can a lion be?

Answer: A lion can be about nine feet from nose to tail.

Question 5: Where do leopards live?

Answer: Leopards can live almost anywhere.

Question 6: What do leopards feed on?

Answer: Leopards can feed on any type of animal or bird.

Question 7: How does the tail help a cat?

Answer: The tail helps a cat in jumping, climbing and balancing.

Question 8: What does a pride consist of?

Answer: A pride consists of one male lion, several females and all their cubs.

Question 9: What is the myth about tigers?

Answer: It is said that the skin of a tiger has magical powers. It has the power to cure many diseases. But all this is a myth.

Question 10: Where do we have lions in India now?

Answer: We have lions in the Gir Forest of Gujarat.

Question 11: What does a leopard do with its catch?

Answer: First, it eats as much of the catch as it can. If it can’t eat all of the catch, it hauls the carcass high up into a tree and keeps it there for the next dinner.

Question 12: Why do we have very few tigers in India now?

Answer: A large number of tigers have been hunted for sport over the years. As a result, we have now very few tigers left in India.

Question 13: How can you say that tigers are strong animals?

Answer: A tiger can pull a dead buffalo which even a group of people won’t be able to move. It shows how strong these animals are.

Question 14: How does an Indian lion differ from an African lion?

Answer: The Indian lion has no mane; the African lion has a mane. The Indian lion has a tuft of hair on its elbows, at the end of its tail and on its belly. The African lion doesn’t have all these.

Question 15: What do all members of the cat family have in common?

Answer: All members of the cat family have rounded heads, long face whiskers, sharp teeth, powerful claws and long tails.

Question 16: How does a lion differ from the other wild cats in the matter of hunting?

Answer: Lions often hunt as a team while the other species of wild cats love to hunt alone.

So, these were The Cat Family of India Questions & Answers.

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