The Cabuliwallah Questions & Answers

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The Cabuliwallah Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was Mini? How old was she at the beginning of the story?

Answer: Mini was the writer’s daughter. She was five years old at the beginning of the story.

Question 2: What was it about Mini which her father enjoyed, but the mother didn’t?

Answer: It was Mini’s habit of chattering all the time.

Question 3: What was the author doing when little Mini stole into his room?

Answer: The author was working on his novel when little Mini stole into his room.

Question 4: Who was Ramdayal? What did Mini say to her father about him?

Answer: Ramdayal was a gatekeeper. Mini said that he didn’t know anything. She told her father that Ramdayal called a crow a karow.

Question 5: What did Bhola say about how it rains?

Answer: Bhola said there was an elephant in the clouds. The elephant blew water out of its trunk and that was how it rained.

Question 6: Mini called out: “Cabuliwallah! Cabuliwallah!” How did she react when the Cabuliwallah looked at her?

Answer: Mini was overcome with terror and ran to her mother for protection.

Question 7: What fear did Mini have of the Cabuliwallah?

Answer: Mini thought the Cabuliwallah had in his bag two or three children like her.

Question 8: What did the author do to make Mini get rid of her false fear?

Answer: The author called Mini from outside so that she could talk to the Cabuliwallah and get rid of her false fear.

Question 9: What were Mini and the Cabuliwallah doing when the author saw them together one morning?

Answer: Mini was seated on a bench and the Cabuliwallah was sitting at her feet. The two were laughing and talking like great friends.

Question 10: What did the Cabuliwallah do with the coin that the author had given him?

Answer: The Cabuliwallah gave the coin to Mini.

Question 11: How was the Cabuliwallah able to overcome Mini’s fears?

Answer: The Cabuliwallah had overcome the child’s fears by bribing her with nuts and raisins.

Question 12: Why was the Cabuliwallah sent to jail? Do you think he was a criminal?

Answer: The Cabuliwallah was sent to jail for wounding a man with his knife. Though he commits a crime, he is not a habitual criminal. He had struck the man only in a fit of rage. The man owed him money, but had falsely denied it.

Question 13: Did Mini remember the Cabuliwallah as she grew older? How does the author feel about it?

Answer: As Mini grew older, new friends filled her life. She forgot all about the Cabuliwallah. The author feels ashamed about it because Mini never remembered the man who used to love her so selflessly.

Question 14: How did the author feel when the Cabuliwallah suddenly appeared on Mini’s wedding day?

Answer: The Cabuliwallah told the author that he had been let out of prison the previous evening. It sounded very harsh to the author. He felt that the Cabuliwallah’s coming on the day of Mini’s wedding was not a good omen.

Question 15: Why did the Cabuliwallah have a special affection for Mini?

Answer: The Cabuliwallah saw in Mini the image of his own little daughter back in his village home. That was why he had a special affection for her.

Question 16: How did the Cabuliwallah feel when he saw Mini in her wedding dress?

Answer: When the Cabuliwallah saw Mini in her wedding dress, he heaved a deep sigh. The thoughts of his own daughter filled his mind. He thought she, too, must have grown in this long time.

So, these were The Cabuliwallah Questions & Answers.

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