Christmas Gifts Questions & Answers

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Christmas Gifts Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who said these to whom and on what occasion:

1. ‘Twenty dollars’

Answer: The hair dresser said these words to Della when the latter went there to sell her hair.

2. ‘Give it to me quick.’

Answer: Della said these words to the hair dealer when the latter agreed to buy her hair for twenty dollars.

3. ‘Don’t you like me just as well?’

Answer: Della said these words to her husband when he looked shocked to see Della with a cropped head.

4. ‘They are too nice to use just at present.’

Answer: Jim said these words to Della when he found that their gifts were of no use for the present.

Question 2: Who were Jim and Della?

Answer: They were husband and wife who loved each other dearly.

Question 3: How much money had Della saved and what for?

Answer: Della had saved one dollar and eighty-seven cents for buying some nice Christmas present for her husband.

Question 4: What did Della do when she stood before the mirror?

Answer: Della pulled down her hair and let it fall to its full length.

Question 5: What were the two proud possessions of Jim and Della?

Answer: One was Jim’s gold watch and the other was Della’s long and beautiful hair.

Question 6: What did Della do with her beautiful hair and why?

Answer: Della sold her beautiful hair to buy some nice Christmas gift for her husband, Jim.

Question 7: What did Della do after selling her hair?

Answer: Della went from store to store to buy some nice Christmas gift for Jim.

Question 8: What did Della do with the little hair left on her head?

Answer: Della curled her hair by using the curling irons that she had.

Question 9: How did Della look when she had curled her hair?

Answer: Della looked like a naughty schoolboy when she curled her hair.

Question 10: How did Della feel when she heard Jim’s steps on the stairs?

Answer: Della felt very nervous when she heard Jim’s steps on the stairs.

Question 11: How did Jim feel when he looked at Della’s cropped hair?

Answer: Jim looked shocked and confused when he looked at Della’s cropped hair.

Question 12: What had Jim bought for Della, and how?

Answer: Jim had bought a set of expensive combs for her. He had sold his gold watch to get money for the combs.

Question 13: How did Della react on seeing the gift Jim had brought for her?

Answer: Della smiled through her tears and said that her hair grew very fast.

Question 14: Do you think the two Christmas gifts proved useless for Jim and Della? How can you say that?

Answer: I can’t say the two Christmas gifts were useless. They were, in fact, most valuable since they showed the intensity of love between Jim and Della. The two could sacrifice their most precious things for each other.

Question 15: What can you say about Jim and Della as husband and wife?

Answer: I can say that Jim and Della were ideal husband and wife. They loved each other dearly and selflessly.

So, these were Christmas Gifts Questions & Answers.

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