Operation Blackbeard Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Operation Blackbeard Questions & Answers.

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Operation Blackbeard Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The Nawab’s friend was

i. Bhootnath
ii. Sher Singh
iii. Lallu

(b) Nawab Rangile thought himself to be the ruler of……..

i. Nagadpur
ii. Hyderabad
III. Lucknow

(c) Lallu was actually………

i. Bhootnath
ii. Rangile
iii. Pukar Singh

(d) The entire village feared…….

i. Bhootnath
ii. Sher Singh
iii. Rangile

(e) Nawab Rangile decided to……….

i. go to the forest
ii. kill Bhootnath
iii. Hide under his bed

Question 2: What did Sher Singh tell Nawab Rangile?

Answer: Sher Singh told Nawab Rangile that ‘last night my house was robbed. Bhoothnath, the bandit, has robbed my house clean and vanished.’

Question 3: What did Nawab Rangile tell the children?

Answer: Nawab Rangile was sitting under a tree narrating the story of his tiger hunt to a group of children.

Question 4: What happened in the jungle?

Answer: Nawab Rangile walked into the jungle and scampered up a tree to protect himself.

Question 5: What challenge did Nawab Rangile accept and why?

Answer: Nawab Rangile accepted the challenge to bring that crook to justice, dead or alive because mukhiya has announced a fabulous prize of ten thousand rupees to anyone who can catch Bhootnath.

Operation Blackbeard Questions & Answers

Question 6: How did Begum Rangili guess Lalluji’s identity?

Answer: Lalluji has big bulging eyes, frightening moustache, thick black beard and a wrestler’s body. After seeing Lalluji Begum Rangili thought that ‘who has ever seen a sweet-seller with a hard, threatening face?’ She quickly realized that the guest is none other than Bandit Bhootnath.

Question 7: What crafty plan did Bhootnath think of? Did he succeed in his plan?

Answer: Bhootnath decided to steal the Begum’s jewellery. Yes, he succeeded in his plan.

Question 8: How did Nawab Rangile foil his wife’s plans to catch the Bandit?

Answer: Nawab Rangile foiled his wife’s plans by serving the Bandit the unadulterated dish and by insisting her to eat from the same dish in which sleeping pills were mixed.

Question 9: What was Begum Rangili’s plan?

Answer: Begum Rangili thought and then she spotted the Nawab’s old sleeping pills. She mixed them in halwa made for Bandit to make him unconscious.

Question 10: Nawab Rangile prided himself on being a Nawab. Was this true? Was he a commoner in the village, or its crowned ruler?

Answer: Yes, this is true that Nawab Rangile prided himself on being a Nawab. He was a commoner in the village.

Operation Blackbeard Questions & Answers

Question 11: Do you think Nawab Rangile was a brave man? Support your answer with examples.

Answer: No, I don’t think that Nawab Rangile was a brave man because when it was time to leave for the jungle, he was scared and decided to hide under the bed. When he reached the jungle with a pounding heart, he scampered up a tree to protect himself.

Question 12: What do you think was the clever of the two – the Nawab or his Begum? Why do you think so?

Answer: I think Begum is cleverer than Nawab as it was difficult to fool her. We can say this because she had become alert the moment she had a glimpse of the guest and cleverly she mixed the sleeping pills in Bandit’s dish to make him unconscious.

Question 13: ‘The story ends with Bhootnath walking out of Nawab Rangile’s house ‘like a gentleman.’ Do you think Bhootnath was a gentleman? Give reason to justify your answer.

Answer: No, I don’t think that Bhootnath was a gentleman because he stole all the Begum’s jewellery.

So, these were Operation Blackbeard Questions & Answers.

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