Letter to an Author Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Letter to an Author Questions & Answers.

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Letter to an Author Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. Rosy was in the fourth grade – True
2. Mrs Bector was Rosy’s teacher – True
3. Rosy’s mother was a dressmaker – False
4. Faith Ringgold was an African artist – False
5. Rosy wrote a letter to Faith Ringgold – True
6. Faith Ringgold painted pictures on cloth – True
7. Faith Ringgold’s drawings were called ‘tankas’ – True
8. Rosy had asthma when she was a little child – False

Question 2: Choose the right option:

1. What did Faith Ringgold paint her pictures on

(a) On pieces of cloth.
(b) On pieces of paper.

2. Into what shape did Faith stitch her paintings

(a) Into the shape of a quilt.
(b) Into the shape of a dress.

3. What was special about Faith’s quilt paintings?

(a) They told interesting stories.
(b) They were made in different colours.

4. What is a ‘tanka’?

(a) A painting on cloth.
(b) A dress for children.

5. Who was Mrs Bector?

(a) Rosy’s mother.
(b) Rosy’s teacher.

6. Why could Faith not go to school many a time?

(a) She had fever.
(b) She had asthma.

7. What did Rosy like to do?

(a) Writing stories for children.
(b) Drawing and making things with cloth.

8. Who helped Faith Ringgold learn to sew?

(a) Her mother.
(b) Her teacher.

Question 3: Where did Faith work as a professor of art?

Answer: Faith worked in the University of California as a professor of art.

Question 4: Who told Rosy about Faith Ringgold?

Answer: Rosy’s teacher, Mrs Bector told Rosy about Faith Ringgold.

Question 5: Who did Faith write stories for?

Answer: Faith wrote stories for children.

Question 6: Why had Faith to stay in bed sometimes?

Answer: Faith had to stay in bed sometimes because she suffered from asthma.

Question 7: What is ‘piecing’ or ‘patching’?

Answer: ‘Piecing’ or ‘patching’ is the process of sewing bits of cloth together.

Question 8: What are Faith’s paintings called?

Answer: Faith’s paintings are called tankas.

Question 9: How is it easy to carry Faith’s paintings?

Answer: It is easy to carry Faith’s paintings because they can be rolled up and carried anywhere.

Question 10: What does Rosy want to do when she grows up?

Answer: Rosy wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

So, these were Letter to an Author Questions & Answers.

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