Tall Trees Questions & Answers

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Tall Trees Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete these sentences:

1. Trees have their feet in the earth.
2. Trees have their heads in the sky.
3. Tall trees watch the clouds go by.
4. Dusk sends birds to rest.
5. Tall trees shelter birds in a nest.
6. The moon shines down on a world that’s sleeping.

Question 2: Choose the right option:

1. Their heads in the sky and watch the clouds go by mean that the trees are

(a) proud
(b) very tall
(c) flying in the air

2. Dusk sends quickly the birds to rest means that birds

(a) go back to their nests in the evening.
(b) become afraid of the dark night.
(c) are chased away by the evening.

3. The last four lines in the poem say that the trees

(a) look into people’s houses secretly at night.
(b) stare at the moon when everyone sleeps.
(c) stay awake at night and watch over us.

4. The feet of the trees are in the________.

(a) clouds
(b) earth
(c) branches

5. The tall trees watch the ________ go by.

(a) clouds
(b) birds
(c) dusk

6. The tall trees shelter birds safe in a________

(a) hut
(b) hole
(c) nest

7. In the night, the moon shines________

(a) up
(b) down
(c) nowhere

Question 3: Fill in the blanks:

1. The trees’ feet are in the earth.
2. The trees’ heads are in the sky.
3. The tall trees are the shelter for birds.
4. The tall trees peep in the night.
5. The trees are important for us.

Question 4: Write True or False:

1. The birds do not go to their nest at dusk – False
2. The tall trees give a place to the birds to rest – True
3. The moon comes out when everybody is asleep – True
4. The tall trees can touch the clouds – False

Question 5: Who have their feet in the earth and heads in the sky?

Answer: Tall feet have their feet in the earth and heads in the sky.

Question 6: What does feet in the earth in the poem mean?

Answer: Feet in the earth means that the roots of the tall trees are inside the soil.

Question 7: Which parts of trees are their head and feet?

Answer: The branches of trees are the head and their roots are the feet.

Question 8: What do the trees watch?

Answer: The trees watch the floating clouds in the sky.

Question 9: When do the birds fly towards their homes?

Answer: The birds fly towards their homes in the evening.

Question 10: How do trees help birds?

Answer: Trees help the birds to rest and shelter them in safe nest.

Question 11: Why do the birds make their nests on the trees?

Answer: The birds make their nests on the trees to make them safe.

Question 12: When does the moon come?

Answer: The moon comes at night.

Question 13: What is the world doing at night?

Answer: The world is sleeping at night.

Question 14: Whom do the trees watch at night?

Answer: The trees watch the sleeping world at night.

Question 15: What does the poet say about the tall trees?

Answer: The poet says that the tall trees watch the clouds go by and also shelter the birds.

Question 16: Find from the poem:

1. The plural of ‘foot’ – feet
2. The opposite of ‘short’ – tall
3. The opposite of ‘slowly’ – quickly
4. Another word for the ‘earth’ – world
5. The words that rhyme with

(a) Sky by
(b) Rest nest
(c) Peep sleep

So, these were Tall Trees Questions & Answers.

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