The Man Who Killed My Dog Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Man Who Killed My Dog Questions & Answers.

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The Man Who Killed My Dog Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. The hit-and-run driver said he was a doctor – False
2. The driver heard the dog’s yelp and scream – True
3. Joseph wrote the letter at the driver’s address – False
4. The driver saw a little girl running out of a gate – False
5. The dog was six months old and was named Wendy – True
6. The driver did not know his car had run over a dog – False
7. The driver had hit a boy biking down a country road – False

Question 2: Find from the lesson sentences which show that:

1. Joseph wrote his letter in a sarcastic tone.

Answer: ‘But what excellent reflexes you’ve got!’

2. Joseph had a pet female dog named Wendy.

Answer: ‘It was our Wendy, a six-month-old basset puppy. An aristrocrat with 12 champions among her forbears.’

3. Joseph saw that the driver was a heartless person.

Answer: ‘I am sorry you didn’t stick around to see the job you had done.’

4. Joseph knew nothing of the driver’s name and address.

Answer: ‘True, we know nothing of your name or address, but we know all about the form and content of your heart.’

5. Joseph’s wife saw that the dog had been run over by the car.

Answer: ‘You heard a yelp, and then my wife’s scream.’

6. The driver did not stop to see what had happened to the dog.

Answer: ‘Then at once, you jumped on the accelerator and got out fast.’

7. The incident mentioned in the letter happened on a Tuesday night.

Answer: ‘I hope you were going somewhere important on Tuesday night.’

Question 3: What do you mean by a hit-and-run driver?

Answer: A driver who hits someone while driving, but never stops to help the victim is called a hit-and-run driver.

Question 4: Who writes this letter, and to whom?

Answer: Richard Joseph, whose dog has been killed by ahit-and-run driver writes him this letter through a newspaper.

Question 5: What could have helped to make Joseph feel a little better?

Answer: Joseph would have felt better if he could have imagined that the driver was a doctor and was rushing somewhere to ease someone’s pain.

Question 6: How can you say that the driver of the car was a heartless person?

Answer: The driver’s car ran over a little dog and killed it. But the driver didn’t even look around to see what he had done. Thus, he was a heartless person.

Question 7: Why do you think the driver jumped on the accelerator?

Answer: The driver jumped on the accelerator escape the wrath of the dog’s owner.

Question 8: How can you say that the driver knew he had run his car over a dog?

Answer: The driver felt the thump when his car ran over the dog. He heard the dog’s yelp and also the scream of a lady. Thus, he clearly knew what had happened.

Question 9: How does Joseph describe his dog?

Answer: Joseph gives a touching description of his dog. It was a she. He had named her Wendy. She was six months old. She had a lovely white coat with brown and black markings. She was of a very high breed. She loved people and children and the other dogs.

So, these were The Man Who Killed My Dog Questions & Answers.

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