A Handful of Salt Questions & Answers

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A Handful of Salt Questions & Answers

  • Trudge – walk heavily or a tiring walk
  • Adoration – a feeling of great love and respect for someone
  • Halting – glossy surface
  • Squinted – to look at something with eyes partly shut in order to see better
  • Charpoy – light bedstead
  • Torso – the trunk of the human body
  • Glistening – glossy surface

Question 1: Why did Dhani and Gokul climb up the tallest peepal tree?

Answer: Dhani and Gokul were waiting for Gandhiji and his followers to pass by their village. In order to get a long-distance view they climbed the tallest peepal tree.

Question 2: Why did Gokul and Dhani carry chapatis and bananas with them?

Answer: Dhani and Gokul did not know when Bapu’s procession would come. So, they prepared for a long wait by carrying chapatis and bananas.

Question 3: Describe Bapuji as seen by Dhani.

Answer: Dhani saw that Bapuji had a small face and a bald head. He wore round spectacles and had a watch swinging at his waist. To him, Gandhiji seemed like an ordinary grandfather who should be sitting on a cot under a shady tree in the village.

Question 4: Why does Dhani say, “He’s clever, isn’t he, Bapuji?”

Answer: Dhani remarks so when Gokul tells him that in order to protest against the unfair tax on salt, Gandhiji decided to defy the law by making salt.

Question 5: How did people greet Bapuji?

Answer: People greeted Bapuji by garlanding him; some of them greeted him by touching his feet.

A Handful of Salt Questions & Answers

Question 6: How did the people calculate the time they would take to reach Dandi?

Answer: The people calculated the distance between Sabarmati and Dandi as 250 miles. They estimated that it would take three to four weeks if they walked only in the mornings and evenings.

Question 7: What was the white river? Why is it said that the white river kept getting longer?

Answer: The white river was the people in white khadi who followed Gandhiji. As Gandhiji moved along with the procession more people: men, women and children kept joining the march from both sides of the road. So, it is said the white river kept getting longer.

Question 8: Why do people say, “He is uniting the nation by making salt?”

Answer: People said that Gandhiji was uniting the nation because during all those days of the procession, the country will be hearing and thinking about them. Nothing could help their cause more as everyone would come in support of the procession.

Question 9: Why did Gokul’s father say he was going back?

Answer: Gokul’s father told Gokul and Dhani that Bapu did not want them to leave their work to join the march. There were others too, who would take their place at every village and town, they would go through. So, Gokul’s father was going home back to his village.

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Gokul grinned and shook his head, “What do you think this is? A Nautanki show?” The village has been talking of nothing else but the march for days.

(a) Why did Gokul ask the above question?

Answer: Gokul asked the above question because Dhani had asked: Would the people be beating drums or singing and dancing when Bapu would come?

(b) Where and when did the above conversation take place?

Answer: The above conversation took place on the tallest peepal tree of the village where Dhani and Gokul were waiting for Bapu and his procession to pass by their village.

(c) What kind of a march was it?

Answer: It was a salt march (Dandi March) led by Mahatama Gandhi in order to protest against the unfair salt tax imposed by the British Government.

(d) What did Gokul and Dhani do when the march passed through their village?

Answer: Gokul and Dhani climbed down the tree and joined the others.

A Handful of Salt Questions & Answers

Question 11: Write a short paragraph on why the Dandi March was undertaken.

Answer: The British government had imposed a tax on salt. This was a very unfair tax. The Indians were not allowed to make salt and they had to buy it from the government. Gandhiji was entirely against it and so he decided to break this law by making salt on the banks of Dandi.

Question 12: Read the lines and answer the questions:

They squinted eagerly down the road and together yelled, “They’re coming.”

(a) Who are they in the given line?

Answer: They refer to Gandhiji and the hundreds of people following him.

(b) How did they referred in the line appear to them?

Answer: To them the procession appeared to be a moving white river.

(c) When did the incident narrated in the lesson take place?

Answer: The incident took place in March, 1930 during India’s struggle for freedom.

(d) Why do the speakers of the above line seem to be excited?

Answer: The speakers seem to be excited because they had heard a lot about Gandhiji and they would be seeing him for the first time.

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