A Helping Hand Questions & Answers

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A Helping Hand Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did everyone stare at the new girl? What do they know about her?

Answer: Everyone stared at the new girl because she was different from them. They wanted to know about her prosthetic hand which remained still and what had happened to her hand and how she managed to do everything with one hand.

Question 2: What was the task given to the speaker?

Answer: The task given to the speaker was to be the mentor of the new girl and to show her the school.

Question 3: Listen, I have some advice for you.

(a) What advice did the speaker have for the new girl?

Answer: The advice that the speaker had for the new girl was that if she wants to stop people from staring at her, she needs to stop standing in the corner all the time and start playing with everyone.

(b) Would you call this good advice?

Answer: Yes, it was a good advice because the speaker had asked the new girl to stop from being shy and interact with everyone. However, it might have sounded a bit rude to her.

Question 4: What was the one-hand challenge? What did it teach the speaker and her friends?

Answer: The ‘one-hand challenge’ is a game invented by the speaker’s friends where they had to do things with one hand like packing your bag or buttoning your shirt. This game taught them that it is quite difficult and impossible to do things by using only one hand. They also learnt to respect the differences in other people.

Question 5: Why did the speaker think the new hand was better?

Answer: The speaker thought that the new hand was better and was like a magic because the girl could move her fingers and could grip things with it.

Question 6: Read these lines from each letter the speaker wrote. What do they tell you about her attitude towards the new girl?

1. Why did you come to our school? Why couldn’t you continue going to whatever school you went to earlier? How the speaker felt?

Answer: The speaker disliked the new girl because she was getting into trouble for being her mentor.

2. It looked strange like it was covered in plastic or something.

Answer: The speaker disliked the new girl and she thought that the look of the prosthetic hand was weird and fake.

3. I am not going to be your minder forever.

Answer: The speaker is a bit annoyed with her as she is fed up of being her mentor and she wants that the new girl should not depend on her all the time.

4. Is it only your hand or your entire arm is fake, sorry prosthetic.

Answer: The speaker is curious to know about the hand and there are a lot of curious questions coming in her mind but she is not feeling comfortable to ask these questions.

5. Wow, that was awesome! I think you did it faster than I can do it with two hands.

Answer: The speaker is completely surprised and shocked. She wonders how can someone tie it so fast that too only with one hand.

6. Listen I am sorry about what I said earlier.

Answer: The speaker realised that initially she was behaving rude with the new girl so, she felt sorry for her.

7. That film was really funny no?

Answer: The speaker is enjoying a conversation with the new girl and she is very happy as there was no lecture in school.

8. I’m so happy you came for the office picnic.

Answer: The speaker was feeling relieved and excited as she had a companion to play and spend time with.

9. The funny thing is I’m not that curious about your hand anymore.

Answer: There is a transformation in feelings the speaker had for the new girl. Initially, the speaker was not accepting the new girl’s company but gradually as the bond between two of them grew stronger, she realised the new girl is same as everyone.

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