A Natural Calamity – Tsunami Questions & Answers

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A Natural Calamity – Tsunami Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is the name of the victim in the chapter?

Answer: The name of the victim in the chapter is Manikan.

Question 2: What do you know about Manikan’s hometown?

Answer: Manikan comes from the temple city of Kanchipuram.

Question 3: What was the occupation of his parents?

Answer: His father ran a lodge for tourists in the temple city of Kanchipuram and his mother was a homemaker.

Question 4: What were the different tasks that Manikan’s mother did other than being a homemaker?

Answer: Manikan’s mother used to keep a strict eye on his homework while at the same time managed the accounts and cooking.

Question 5: Describe the lodge during October to March from Manikan’s view.

Answer: From October to March, one would find the guests chattering and laughing while their arms full of silk saris.

Question 6: As a child, what was Mani’s ambition?

Answer: As a child, Mani’s ambition was to build the grandest hotel in Kanchipuram.

Question 7: Where did his father decide to send him on Christmas day?

Answer: His father decided to send him to Puducherry to visit his cousin Laxmi on Christmas day.

A Natural Calamity – Tsunami Questions & Answers

Question 8: Why was Manikan thrilled to visit Laxmi?

Answer: Manikan was thrilled to visit Laxmi because she was full of fun and Mama and Mami were his favourite relatives.

Question 9: Where did Manikan go on December 26th and who accompanied him?

Answer: He went to Karaikal beach with his Mama and cousin Laxmi on 26th December.

Question 10: What did Manikan do as soon as he stepped out of the car?

Answer: As soon as Manikan stepped out of the car, he ran towards the waters on the beach.

Question 11: Why did Manikan’s uncle order him not to look behind?

Answer: The waves were rushing towards them with unimaginable speed. If Manikan would have looked behind there was a very high chance of him getting frightened or maybe surprised and not moving from there. This could have been fatal for him.

Question 12: What did Manikan feel when he was close to the shore?

Answer: When he was close to the shore, he felt water lapping against his bare feet.

Question 13: What did Manikan notice?

Answer: Manikan noticed that his feet were getting colder and water rose up to his calves even when he wasn’t near the shore.

Question 14: What did Manikan see when he turned back?

Answer: When he turned back, he heard the whirring of the waves and saw the waves rushing towards him.

Question 15: Where did Mani’s uncle ask Mani to run and what did Mani see in front of him while running?

Answer: Mani’s uncle asked Mani to run towards the house behind the building and he saw a huge tree in front of him while running.

Question 16: What did Mani do to save himself and where were Laxmi and Uncle?

Answer: Mani grabbed a branch and clambered up. Laxmi and Uncle were on the same branch below Mani.

Question 17: Who arrived after sometime? Why was Mani in the hospital?

Answer: The coast guard arrived after some time. Mani was in the hospital because he fainted after the Tsunami incident.

A Natural Calamity – Tsunami Questions & Answers

Question 18: What did Mani find when he opened his eyes?

Answer: Mani found himself lying on a hospital bed and his parents looking at him with frightened eyes.

Question 19: Why was Mani in hospital for a long time?

Answer: Mani was in hospital for a long time because he was suffering from a shock.

Question 20: What did Mani get to know about the calamity?

Answer: He got to know that India had been hit by a Tsunami and many villages had been destroyed.

Question 21: Whom does Mani give credit for his fast recovery?

Answer: Mani gives credit to his puppy Bruno for his fast recovery who stuck to him like a second shadow.

Question 22: Describe Manikan’s experience at Karaikal beach?

Answer: The Karaikal beach was full of people. He and Laxmi were playing with the frisbee when there was a sudden stillness and then increasing the sound of flowing water. His feet felt cold and he felt the water levels rising. His uncle grabbed his hands and urged him to run. As the water gushed past and covered everything around him, Manikan quickly climbed up a tree and saved himself. He heard the roar of water and many crying voices as he shut his eyes in fear. Later, he realized that his uncle and Laxmi were on the same tree. They came down the tree as the water levels receded and waited beneath it. Manikan rescued a puppy and after some time a coast guard arrived near them with a vehicle. They climbed into the vehicle and then Manikan fainted.

Question 23: What was the effect of Tsunami on Manikan?

Answer: For a long time, Mani did not attend his school. Every time he heard flowing water flowing from the tap he would panic. It took a long time for him to go to the beach. Even after going to the beach, he would cling to his mother’s arm and did not enter the water.

Question 24: Describe Manikan’s experience as the Tsunami approached Karaikal beach.

Answer: Manikan was close to the shore feeling the water lapping against his bare feet. Suddenly everything seemed still. In this silence, he could hear a sound slowly increasing in volume like water gushing from a tap. Manikan’s feet began to feel colder. As he looked down, he saw the water level rising up to his calves.

Question 25: Which part of the narrative makes you realize that Manikan was brave and selfless?

Answer: The part of the narrative where Manikan rescues a puppy, even though he was terrified of the water shows that Manikan was brave and selfless. He wades towards the puppy and holds onto it till the coast guard finds them.

Question 26: Describe Manikan’s recovery after being caught in the tsunami? Do you think he changed? Why do you think so?

Answer: After being rescued by the coast guard, Manikan, his uncle and Laxmi were admitted to a hospital. In the hospital, Manikan remained for some time and was treated for shock. He couldn’t attend school for a long time. He had panic attacks whenever he heard the sound of flowing water. Even if he went to the beach, he clung to his mother and did not approach the water. Slowly, he recovered and started attending school. He attended college and planned to be an architect. Manikan changed from being a playful, carefree boy to a brave and responsible person. Manikan loved to play in sea-water before the tsunami and after the tsunami, he became wary of the sea. Earlier he wanted to build the grandest hotel in Kanchipuram that would have made him rich but now he would build strong houses to protect people from any calamity.

Question 27: What is the present situation of Mani and Bruno?

Answer: Mani goes to college and is studying to be an architect whereas Bruno has grown to be a strapping dog and is very protective of his master.

So, these were A Natural Calamity – Tsunami Questions & Answers.

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