Of Dreams and Reality Questions & Answers

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Of Dreams and Reality Questions & Answers

Question 1: What would Robin do every morning on his way to college?

Answer: Every morning Robin would stare at the gleaming, beautiful, red car in the showroom, on his way to the college.

Question 2: Why was Robin excited?

Answer: Robin was excited as he would be graduating from college in a few months’ time and he already had many companies approaching him with jobs.

Question 3: What did Robin’s father asked Robin at dinner one day? What did Robin know about his father?

Answer: One day, at dinner, Robin’s father asked him what gift he could give Robin after passing out of college. Robin knew about his father that he would never refuse Robin to give the gift he asked for.

Question 4: Where did Robin spot the red car?

Answer: Robin spotted the red car in the showroom.

Question 5: What did Robin want on his graduation?

Answer: Robin wanted a beautiful red car that he had spotted in the showroom.

Question 6: How was Robin’s father by nature? What did Robin know about him?

Answer: Robin’s father was a rich man. Robin knew that he would never refuse him.

Of Dreams and Reality Questions & Answers

Question 7: Did Robin’s father agree to buy him the car?

Answer: Yes, Robin’s father agreed to buy the car for him provided he gets good grades in his examination.

Question 8: What did Robin’s dad gift him?

Answer: Robin’s dad gifted him a hymn book.

Question 9: Why was Robin hurt?

Answer: Robin expected his dad to gift him a car instead of a hymn book. He felt that his dad loved his money more than him. Hence, he was hurt.

Question 10: Why did Robin get angry with his father? What did he do?

Answer: Robin kept his promise and excelled in his examination. On his graduation day his father called him into his study and presented him a box. He expected the car keys to be inside the box but it turned out to be a hymn book. This angered Robin and he immediately misunderstood his father. He simply thanked his father and left the study room without taking his gift.

Question 11: Why did Robin never make time to visit his father?

Answer: Robin was hurt that his father did not gift him what he wanted. He thought that his father loved money more than he loved him. So, when he got a job in another city, he never made time to visit his father.

Question 12: What made Robin to visit his father?

Answer: Robin had received an urgent message that his father was sick, he wished to see him and hence he visited his father.     

Of Dreams and Reality Questions & Answers

Question 13: What fell down as Robin was flipping through the book?

Answer: A car key fell from the back of the book as Robin was flipping through the book.

Question 14: What words were mentioned on the tag?

Answer: Robin’s graduation date, and the words PAID IN FULL were mentioned on the tag.

Question 15: What happened when Robin went back to his old house after many years?

Answer: When Robin went back home after many years old memories started flooding his mind and he wished that he never left home because of his stupid pride.

Question 16: Do you think Robin regretted his behaviour with his father? Why do you think so?

Answer: Yes, according to me he regretted his behaviour because he understood that it was his stupid pride which was responsible for his leaving home. He regretted as he cried bitterly once he realised the truth. Only if he had made the effort of accepting the gift and opened it, he would have found the car keys which was inside the book.

Question 17: Do you think Robin’s attitude towards his father was on purpose? How could this have been avoided?

Answer: No, Robin’s attitude towards his father was only situational. Had he flipped through the pages of the hymn book earlier, he would have realized how much his father loved him. Also, if Robin’s father would have told him about the car while Robin was leaving the house, Robin’s attitude would have changed.

Question 18: Why was Robin angry with himself?

Answer: Robin was angry with himself for having lost precious time with his father.

Question 19: What do you think this story is trying to tell you?

Answer: This story is trying to say that anger and pride are the worst enemies and we should think before we speak and act.

Question 20: State whether the following statements are True or False:

(a) Robin’s father promised to give him the car if he got a good job – False
(b) Robin wanted a beautiful red bike – False
(c) Robin studied hard and topped the class – True
(d) Robin had missed so many years with his dad due to his pride – True
(e) Robin was happy that his father had gifted him the car on his graduation day – False

So, these were Of Dreams and Reality Questions & Answers.

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