Romeo And Juliet Questions & Answers

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Romeo And Juliet Questions & Answers

Question 1: What disturbed the peace of Verona?

Answer: The frequent brawls between the two chief families of Montague and Capulet disturbed the peace of Verona.

Question 2: How were the relations between the two families?

Answer: There was a relation of fierce enmity between the two families as a result of an old feud.

Question 3: How can you say that there was a fierce enmity between the two families?

Answer: The enmity was fierce as even the family servants could not meet without an exchange of fierce words and sometimes, even bloodshed.

Question 4: In order to stop these fights, what rule was passed by the Prince Escalus?

Answer: To prevent these disputes, Prince Escalus, the ruler of Verona, gave an order that anyone who will disturb the peace of Verona would be put to death.

Question 5: Who wanted the hand of Juliet?

Answer: Paris, Kingsman of Prince Escalus, wanted the hand of Juliet, the daughter of Lord Capulet, in marriage.

Question 6: Was Lord Capulet happy with this match?

Answer: Yes, Lord Capulet was happy with this match but asked Paris to wait for two years since Juliet was very young for marriage.

Question 7: Whom did Romeo love?

Answer: Romeo loved Rosaline but she did not return his affections.

Question 8: Who persuaded Romeo to go to the feast arranged by Lord Capulet and how did Romeo go there?

Answer: Benvolio persuaded Romeo to go to the feast arranged by Lord Capulet but with a mask.

Question 9: Why was Romeo asked to wear a mask?

Answer: Romeo was asked to wear a mask because it was dangerous for Romeo (as a member of Montague) to be spotted at a Capulet gathering.

Question 10: What did Benvolio say to Romeo while going for the feast?

Answer: Benvolio told Romeo that in the feast, he should meet Rosaline or someone else who would return his affections.

Romeo And Juliet Questions & Answers

Question 11: What was Juliet discussing with her mother about?

Answer: Juliet was discussing with her mother and her nurse about marrying Paris.

Question 12: Was Juliet ready to marry Paris?

Answer: Though she was not yet ready to marry Paris but agreed to look at Paris during the feast.

Question 13: Who went along with Romeo to the feast?

Answer: His friends Benvolio and Mercutio went along with him with masks.

Question 14: What happened to Romeo in the feast?

Answer: Romeo saw Juliet from a distance and was so entranced that he forgot about Rosaline completely. They both danced together and fell in love at first sight.

Question 15: Who recognized Romeo at the feast and what was his reaction?

Answer: Tybalt, a nephew of Lord Capulet recognized Romeo at the feast. He was enraged to saw a Montague sneaking into a Capulet feast. He wanted to strike Romeo to death.

Question 16: Why did Lord Capulet not let Tybalt strike young Romeo?

Answer: Lord Capulet did not let Tybalt strike young Romeo as he felt it would be disrespectful to his guests and also because he behaved like a gentleman.

Question 17: Whom did Romeo meet and tell his love for Juliet?

Answer: Romeo met Friar Lawrence and told him about his love for Juliet.

Question 18: Why did the friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet secretly?

Answer: Friar was hopeful that the love between Romeo and Juliet could end the age-old feud between Capulets and Montagues. Hence, he agreed to marry Romeo and Juliet secretly. The next day, Romeo and Juliet met at Friar Lawrence’s Chambers and got married.

Romeo And Juliet Questions & Answers

Question 19: Who encountered Tybalt & where? What was he doing there?

Answer: Benvolio and Mercutio encountered Tybalt on the street. He was still enraged that Romeo attended the Capulet’s feast. Benvolio and Mercutio were exchanging angry words with him when Romeo passed by.

Question 20: Why didn’t Romeo want to fight with Tybalt?

Answer: Romeo didn’t want to fight with Tybalt because he now became Tybalt’s kinsman by marrying Juliet so, he tried to make peace with him. But, Tybalt did not listen to him and drew out his sword.

Question 21: What led Romeo to fight with Tybalt?

Answer: Romeo and Benvolio tried to stop both Tybalt and Mercutio from fighting with each other. But, in this fight Mercutio was killed by Tybalt and this enraged Romeo to fight with Tybalt and he killed him.

Question 22: Who banished Romeo from Verona and what did Romeo do afterwards?

Answer: The Prince of Verona, Escalus banished Romeo from Verona for his crime. Romeo took shelter with Friar Lawrence and he advised him to leave for Mantua. He promised him that he would send him letters about news from Verona.

Question 23: What difficulty did Juliet find herself in, after Romeo left for Mantua? How did she try to get out of it?

Answer: After Romeo left for Mantua, Juliet’s father wanted her to marry Paris within three days. Since Juliet could not give her father the real reason for not marrying Paris, she cited her young age and Tybalt’s recent death as reasons for not going through with a marriage feast. But her father was deaf to her excuses. Juliet then hurried to Friar Lawrence for help.

Question 24: How did Friar help Juliet?

Answer: Friar made a plan to reunite Juliet with Romeo in Mantua, only if Juliet was brave enough to take a dangerous step. Juliet would have to drink a potion that would make her appear dead for forty-two hours the night before her wedding to Paris. After she was laid to rest in her family’s burial place, Romeo would come in the night and take her away to Mantua. The friar promised to send a message to Romeo explaining the plan.

Question 25: What confusion reigned through the whole house next morning?

Answer: Romeo heard the dismal news of Juliet’s death at Mantua, before the Friar’s messenger could arrive. He bought a vial of poison from an apothecary, then sped to Verona to take his life at Juliet’s tomb.

Question 26: How did Paris get killed?

Answer: When Romeo came to the tomb, Paris judged that Romeo had come to do some villainous act. He told Romeo that he was condemned by the State of Verona. So, he would die if found within the walls of the city. Romeo wanted Paris not to provoke his anger but Paris refused to his warnings and they fought with each other and thus, Paris got killed.

Romeo And Juliet Questions & Answers

Question 27: What did Romeo do after seeing Juliet’s body?

Answer: After seeing Juliet’s inanimate body, Romeo drank the poison and died by her side.

Question 28: Why did Friar go to Juliet’s tomb that night?

Answer: Friar learnt that his letters sent to Mantua, by some unlucky delay had not reached Romeo. Therefore, he himself had visited the tomb to take Juliet that night but he got surprised to find both Romeo and Paris dead.

Question 29: What did Juliet do after walking out of her trance?

Answer: When Juliet woke up, Friar told that their plans had been thwarted by a greater power and urged her to leave. Juliet saw the cup of poison in Romeo’s hand and realized that he had killed himself. Unable to bear his death, she quickly unsheathed a dagger which Romeo was wearing and stabbed herself and died by Romeo’s side.

Question 30: What did the Prince tell Friar to do?

Answer: The Prince ordered Friar to relate all that he knew about the unfortunate event.

Question 31: How did Lord Montague and Lord Capulate reunite?

Answer: The Prince made both of them realise the punishment that heaven had bestowed upon them for their enmity. So, the old rivals agreed to end their long standing feud.

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