A Night Out Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share A Night Out Questions & Answers.

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A Night Out Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who were Tom and Lucy?

Answer: Tom and Lucy were brother and sister.

Question 2: Why had they gone out at night?

Answer: They had gone out at night to enjoy themselves.

Question 3: Who went with them?

Answer: Their parents went with them.

Question 4: Who was Jane? Why was she left at home?

Answer: Jane was Tom’s sister. She was left at home because she was asleep when they went.

Question 5: What time did Tom and Lucy return home?

Answer: Tom and Lucy returned home at 12 o’clock at night.

Question 6: What did they do at the café?

Answer: They ate cake and drank coffee at the café.

Question 7: What did they do walking up and down the pavement?

Answer: Walking up and down the pavement, they ate fish and chips.

Question 8: What did the elephant at the circus do?

Answer: At the circus, the elephant drank water and then blew it out of its trunk at the clowns.

Question 9: What did the clowns do?

Answer: The clowns threw chocolate cream at each other and fell about on the ground.

Question 10: Put these sentences in right order according to the story:


…4…They went to a circus.
…6…They came back home.
…5…They ate fish and chips.
…2…Their parents went with them.
…3…They ate cake and drank coffee at a café.
…1…Tom and Lucy went out one night to enjoy themselves.

Question 11: Tom and Lucy looked out of the window. They couldn’t believe what they saw. What do you think they saw?
Did they see a thief enter their house?
Did they see an accident in the street below?
Did they see their neighbour’s house on fire?
Did they see their grandpa and Jane enter the house?

Answer: They saw their grandpa and Jane enter the house.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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